Guida pratica ai form html5

Creare e formattare form html5 da zero
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Creare form html5 standard
Usare tutti gli elementi che formano parte di un form html5
Usare gli attributi degli elementi come required, placeholder, disabled
Usare i nuovi tag html5 correttamente
Esempi di come processare i dati del form lato server


  • Breve esperienza di html
  • Computer
  • browser
  • Editor di testo


In questo corso imparerete a creare un form html5 da zero.

Imparerete ad usare i diversi elementi che formano parte di un form come i campi

di tipo INPUT, SELECT,TEXTAREA, come formattarli con i fogli di stile. Vedremo come usare correttamente i loro attributi come REQUIRED, DISABLED, PLACEHOLDER.

Imparerete ad usare i nuovi elementi html5 come gli input di tipo range, color, date, url, email, phone.

Imparerete a raggruppare i campi di un form con i FIELDSET.

Imparete ad inviare i dati ad un server Apache o NodeJ usando sia il metodo POST che il metodo GET.

Le lezioni avranno degli esercizi pratici in modo da non dimenticare quello che avete imparato

Who this course is for:

  • Chi conossce un po' di html ma non ha mai aggiunto form html
  • Chi non conosce i nuovi tag html5
  • Web Developers
  • Web Designers


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I'm a cuban living in the beautiful city of Turin, Italy. I have a university degree in computer sciences in the field of automation engineering. I am a software engineer since 2002 and since then I have worked for different italian companies developing web applications with the latest technogies, most of them open sources, such as SWIFT, JAVA, PHP, MYSQL, ORACLE, CSS, HTML, NODEJS, MONGODB and javascript libraries such as ANGULAR, IONIC ,  EXTJS, SENCHATOUCH, JQUERY

When I am not programming, I am learning new languages,currently German and Arabic. Currently I speak SPANISH, my mother tongue, ITALIAN,almost my second mother tongue, ENGLISH, FRENCH and PORTUGUESE.

Playing GUITAR  is one of my hobbies and passions and I dedicate it as much time as for languages and computer.

People say I am an easy talker, always ready to help people and I love teaching  what I know and mainly new technologies. I try to keep always up to date not only by teaching but also by learning and taking courses such as the ones found here in UDEMY .

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