Growth Hacking Masterclass Digital Marketing Tactics & Hacks

Learn 30+ real growth hacks and implement technical marketing tactics into your business straight away.
Rating: 4.1 out of 5 (147 ratings)
11,066 students
Growth Hacking Masterclass Digital Marketing Tactics & Hacks
Rating: 4.1 out of 5 (147 ratings)
11,066 students
30+ ready-to-be-copied growth hack examples
Obtain a mindset to create unique growth hacks for your business
Be ready for the next step in your digital marketing career
Grow your personal brand or your organisation's user base and revenue directly


  • Understanding of terms like SEO, PPC, email marketing, social media, and viral marketing
  • I'll list what extensions and tools you should download for free in the resources
  • Chrome browser in order to use the extensions

30+ of the best growth hacks ready to be copied and implemented by you today!

Designed to become the industry leading growth hacking course, this masterclass will take you from beginner to expert by showing you real growth hacks. We're jumping right into the deep and skipping any general stuff of how Google Analytics works, what a sales funnel is, and that data is important - I assume you've got that covered. Instead I'll take you through an ever expanding list of digital marketing hacks.

Marketers, especially in start-ups, are required to be more technical than ever. With extremely limited to no marketing budget you're required to create an audience and expand. This masterclass will give you the tips, tricks and tactics of how to hack social media, email marketing, public relations and more to grow your business instantly. It is designed to help you find a tactic that can kick-start and accelerate your marketing efforts. Tactics that can be implemented not in the future, not tomorrow, but straight away.

Over the next months we will aim to add new growth hacks building an amazing repository of digital marketing tactics. Please share your unique growth hacks with the community and we'll add them. At last, feel free to ask any questions and place comments to improve the quality of this course, or to get help with implementation of the tactics.

Who this course is for:
  • Start-up founders and digital marketers curious about growth hacking
  • This is not a general course about the growth hacking process, no theory but diving straight into practicality
  • Only take this course if you want to see real growth hacks and learn how to execute them
  • Ideally you have already had your hands dirty with various digital marketing activities
  • All tactics are applicable for both B2C, B2B as for personal branding
8 sections • 33 lectures • 2h 37m total length
  • Scraping 1000s of Personal Emails
  • What to do with 50k email addresses?
  • Double CTRs & Conversions with Automated Split Tests in Mailchimp
  • Trick to Increase Open Rates by 40%
  • Scrape Leads Domain Names
  • Growth Hacking Gmail - 12 Productivity Tools
  • Free Templates to Create Amazing Emails in Minutes
  • Download and Retarget Your LinkedIn Contacts and Lookalikes
  • 3 Ways to Get 50k Email Addresses
  • How to Connect With 3rd Connections on LinkedIn
  • Bot for Automation of LinkedIn Connection Invites
  • The $1.80 Instagram Strategy To Grow Your Business or Brand
  • Use Instagram for Desktop to Speed Up Curation
  • Instagram DM Groups to Trick the Algorithm
  • Curate before you Create
  • Facebook Look-alike Audience from LinkedIn
  • Facebook Script - Inviter for Page Likes
  • Chatbot for Facebook Messenger
  • The Scyscraper Technique for Producing Quality Content & Getting SEO Backlinks
  • Republish Your Blog on Content Platforms
  • Republish Your Content on TechCrunch and Entrepreneur
  • Get your content spread like a wildfire with these 3 tools
  • Free Traffic From Content Aggregating Websites
  • 51 Headline Formulas to Skyrocket Conversions (And Where to Use Them)
  • Built Brand Awareness on Q&A Platforms Like Quora & Yahoo-Answers
  • Growth Hacking Quora
  • How To Hack PR
  • 2 Ways to Hack PR
  • The Complete Guide to Building a Successful YouTube Channel
  • Organize Your Own Meetup
  • Get Your Tool On All Product Directories
  • Become Part of Multiple Review Platforms
  • Become An Early Adopter of Whatsapp

Head of Growth at Seneca & Digital Marketing Consultant
Ruben Portz
  • 4.1 Instructor Rating
  • 147 Reviews
  • 11,066 Students
  • 1 Course

Ruben Portz has broad experience in digital marketing. From founding an all-you-can-fly private jet concept to leading the growth teams at Citystasher and Seneca Learning. He has worked with leading growth hackers as a participant of the Startupbootcamp accelerator, and applies his knowledge and skills on a daily basis as a digital marketing consultant.

In 2017 he has won multiple awards and titles such as the Top 25 under 25 Entrepreneur in the Netherlands, a Top 10 Business Aviation Innovator, and social media expert.

Mr. Portz has a MSc in Innovation Management from the European School of Management and Technology ranked as Germany's leading business school by the Financial Times. He also holds a BEng in Aviation with honours in Management from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.