GROW your Self-Confidence
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Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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GROW your Self-Confidence

Develop Self-Belief and Confidence sharing your ideas
4.5 (1 rating)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
105 students enrolled
Created by Julie Crowley
Last updated 3/2018
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What you'll learn
  • Feel confident in themselves to speak out in meetings, share opinions or even speak publicly from a stage
  • Find new tools and techniques to develop their confidence and understand their barriers to resolve them
  • Feel confident after using the practical experience exercises to practice increasing confidence and self-belief
  • Be able to manage teams, present to customers and be more proactive in creating their own best environment to thrive
  • Over 16 years

If you have ever wanted to say what's on your mind but couldn't in a meeting, social gathering or presentation, even with family and friends, perhaps you lack self-confidence, self- belief in your value and the value of your ideas.   This course will help you to overcome those limiting beliefs to find your voice and share your views and in turn, help others engage with you too!

Who this course is for:
  • People who want to gain the benefits of developing their self-confidence especially in speaking up
Course content
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+ Start Here
1 lecture 05:56

So you want to feel confident sharing your ideas, thoughts and feelings and even share your knowledge and expertise to an audience?  Well, it isn't as difficult as you believe right now!  I did it years ago and I will share some of the exercises with you that will help you build your self-confidence in what you have to say and how to say it!  Background, insights, tips and exercises to work through step by manageable step.

Preview 05:56

Answer these questions to know where you can focus your attention, but confidence will work in many areas - just concentrate on one, the rest will follow!

Where do you lack confidence to speak out?
2 questions
Try this exercise for yourself or share comments if you wish (this might help you to build your confidence in speaking up too!). Where do you speak out - with friends, family, college or at work, socially? Where do you NOT speak out feel uncomfortable, feel unheard? Do you see any difference?
Where do I need to speak up more, for myself and to feel heard?
2 questions

We all have 'needs' to meet in life and living.  They are shared such as food, shelter, safety, and they can be varied individually or by culture perhaps.  Then we need to belong, to be loved and cared for, to matter and to be valued for what we bring to the community (the tribe!).  And finally, what we do and why.  Do you know yours - the standard, where it matters, how it matters to you?

What are your needs that you should meet for happiness?
6 questions
+ Building your Self Confidence
1 lecture 00:29
Self-Confidence and You
There are many ways to begin to build your self-confidence and they all involve other people! If that makes you nervous ask yourself Why? See ahead for practical exercises and insights to build or re-build your confidence in yourself.
How can you build your self-confidence?
4 questions

A few ideas to try - set yourself a goal of one a day, three a week or just keep working through the whole list!  You will also find things that make you feel doubtful of yourself, feel uncomfortable and even stepping back from the situation.  Step up, step forward and you will building your confidence day by day.

Your ideas to try, to build your self confidence
1 question
+ Building your Self-Esteem
3 lectures 24:26

Confidence relates to what you know you can do and knowledge you know you have - so you can use it in various situations and call on it when you need it.   You 'know your stuff'.  

Self-esteem, however, is more personal about you and your value in the world, to the people in your world - and that value you believe you have.  This value is often reflected back from others and we take their word for it when, in fact, we should know we are worthy and have value in our tribe (family, team, friendships etc) regardless of some people telling us otherwise.  This arises in childhood when we are learning who we are in relation to others, in teens as we develop our individuality and in relationships we value that may not always be helpful - family, partners in particular.  

BEWARE of what others reflect back to you - tell you who and what you are/not to them (note: not to everyone, just them!  And their stuff...)

You can change this when you become aware, when life is unhappy and when you find the strength deep inside, one unexpected day - enough is enough and you step out of the cloak they gave you back into becoming a new, more resilient you!

Preview 09:33

So we can go ahead and fix it together! 

Which is your problem area?
2 questions
Self Confidence Starts Here
Describe where you add value in your world, in your life - to those around you and to building a life you love to live! What have you to offer and how do you use those things? How could you use them and other talents, tendencies and skills more or more effectively? 10 things at least please
Self-Esteem and You
1 question

We all have personal needs - some shared like food, safety, a tribe to belong in, status and ultimately, fulfilling our purpose and talents.   Other personal needs might be around how we are - character and personality, learning and communication styles, behaviours and traits we have  and these too need to be met so we feel valuable, have impact and belong and can communicate and learn throughout life.   There is more on this on the website for Clear Mind or on the internet should you wish to know more. 

Personal needs confidence will helps you meet

From what you have read so far, and exercises you've done, what do you now know about confidence, and how you can increase yours?

What does Self Confidence mean?
3 questions
+ Speaking out
1 lecture 01:11
Speak up
We like to feel safe, comfortable and secure. Great, yes, it's OK! But it will never stay the same and we need to keep learning, growing, experiencing and trying more every day! List one thing a day to push yourself to more for the next 3-7 days!
Expand your comfort zone and burst your bubble!
3 questions
+ Reviewing the course
2 lectures 03:25
What have you achieved as a result of undertaking this course? Monitoring progress is part of the coaching process and helps you with inspiring more action going ahead and also recognising the impact of your previous efforts - you will always find you achieve more than you thought you had
Review your Progress
3 questions

OUTCOMES for you ...

What are the outcomes you have achieved from GROW your confidence? 

Perhaps you have key experiences that now demonstrate that you have grown your confidence or know the next steps to continue developing confidence going forward.  Have you identified what has or can change with greater confidence or whether this relates to skills and knowledge (ability) versus self-esteem and the value you believe you have in the world.   Whatever you now know, make a note as an outcome and what you will do to continue to build on this course. 

Outcomes from GROW your Confidence
At the end of the course ...