Grow Your Greens

Learn gardening essentials through 11 modules, downloadable texts and sheets, all you need to start your own garden!
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Grow your own organic vegetables in just 3 hours gardening per week
Step-by-step guide to grow over $4,000 worth of organic vegetable
Preparing land, Soil and use of permanent beds, Irrigation
Composting, Efficient workflows, Sustainable soil management
Cycle of production: Crop planning, Seeding, When/how to plant, Protecting crpos


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In the online courses of Grow Your Greens, you can get to know Barnabás's garden and the tricks of biointensive vegetable cultivation in the smallest details. Thanks to the format of the courses, you can learn in an interactive interface with the help of HD quality videos, text notes and sheets.

In the first half of the course, we present the work processes of the organic garden in detail, including the preparation of beds, sowing and planting, weed management, nutrient supply and plant protection. In the second half of the course, you can get to know the cultivation of vegetables and herbs down to the smallest details.

You get a complete picture and instructions for successful gardening:

-Use of permanent beds

-One of the pillars of the Grow Your Greens is the use of raised beds

-Composting: The most important material of a biointensive garden is high-quality compost

-Crop planning

-There is no well-functioning organic garden without a proper planting plan

-Efficient workflows

-From preparing the beds through planting to plant protection

-Successful vegetable growing: Diversity, appropriate variety selection, plant care, healthy vegetables

-Sustainable soil management: The most important friend of the organic gardener is the soil, and we must treat it accordingly

Enjoy all the healthy, vitamin-dense food you could cultivate with your own hands! See you in the course: )

Who this course is for:

  • If you are a beginner or is an avid gardener
  • Would like to get into gardening and want to live healthier
  • You are motivated to be more self-sufficient


Organic Farmer, Gardener and Instructor
Barnabas Ory
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I am Barnabás Őry, organic farmer and gardener. Organic vegetable growing has been my main focus for almost 10 years now. In 2013, I got involved in organic gardening in order to grow food for my family. Then in 2014, I worked as an intern at the Budaházi Biodynamic Garden in Domonyvölgy while attending university. From 2015, I ran the organic farm of the Herencsényi Eco-Association for two seasons. In December 2016, I graduated from Szent István University in Gödöllő as an agricultural engineer, and in 2017 I founded my own farm, which operated as the Veresi Organic Garden for the first two seasons. After moving to the hills of Cserhát in Nógrád county, it became Cserhát Organic Garden.

In recent years, the idea that the valuable experience gained in farming could be transferred to self-sufficient gardening has become increasingly important to me. The principles, methods and techniques are actually the same, so we can produce extremely efficiently and effectively in a smaller organic garden. I created the 3-hour garden so that I could share my knowledge and experience with hobby gardeners as well. The 3-hour garden is a 1000-square-foot organic garden where we grow our own family’s vegetables with less than 3 hours of gardening a week on average.

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