Great Painter Series - Draw the Mona Lisa with Paintology

Take a peek into the minds of great artists by doing their drawing on your phone or tablet in this easy to do course.
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Draw the famous Mona Lisa painting on your phone
Learn to draw in grayscale to understand tones
Learn to improve your drawing skills with the free Paintology app for Android
Take a peek into the great minds of past artists through this drawing


  • Basics of drawing
  • Have the free Paintology drawing app available from Google on your Android phone or tablet
  • Interested in drawing in general


Hello, my name is Ferdouse and I come from a traditional background and have recently been doing more and more drawings with the Paintology drawing app on my phone and tablet.

I have found that the digital medium has much more than meets the eye, it is powerful, easy to use and you can create any types of drawings without the learning curve. A huge advantage is that many have access to their own phone and tablets and it is easy to start drawing, no need for materials!

We're going to draw this famous Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo da Vinci that has captured audiences throughout the centuries owing to its simplicity but the details show a complex nature of the painting. There have been many depictions of this painting but none can replicate the inner beauty that this painting has on it’s viewer.

This course is part of the Great Master Series where we try to peek into the minds of famous artists when they did their painting or drawing and by doing a drawing ourselves using the Paintology drawing app. The app is available for free from the Google play store, just search for Paintology.

I tackle this drawing on my P30 smartphone using the Grayscale mode of drawing with Paintology and using a cheap standard stylus, although you can use your fingers too.

The gray scale mode of drawing in Paintology has been designed to allow artists to fully appreciate tonal balances since tones in color is an additional layer of complexity. In this way, you can develop your skills and tune your observational skills of tones which are fundamental to good painting and drawing.

I hope to see you in one of my classes very soon!

Who this course is for:

  • Want to learn drawing but don't always have the time
  • Keen to improve drawings kills and understand tones
  • Passionate about drawing in general and want to discover new mediums


Passionate about digital drawing
Ferdouse Khaleque
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I come from a very technical background but like many folks, I am very passionate about drawing and painting. In the recent years I have rekindled some of the lost interest in drawing when I was young.

I have done extensive drawings using pastels, pencils, acrylics and watercolors. My new found love is digital drawing and how versatile this medium truly is.

I hope to express and share my passion through these tutorials.

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