The analysis of handwriting
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Will attain a deeper understanding of themselves and others. Will be learning how to analyze a handwriting.


  • just need to be above age 14. No other prerequisites.


This course is more than just analysing handwriting, it is more about analysing your own self, finding new realisations that you have never had before, releasing yourself completely and exploring an improved self.

Graphology, in simple words, is the art of analysing handwriting to know about a person's character and personality. Graphology is a known yet a new field to be explored. Take graphology as an opportunity to know more about you, about others and also how you want to seek success in your life. Take it as a next big step, and give it your complete will to understand and commit.

Graphotherapy is another branch or Graphology which not only just analyses handwriting but also makes changes in handwriting, thereby providing major and minor improvements in a person's life. So, this is not just knowing but also an opportunity to make changes and improvements. Graphotherapy not only makes changes just in a behaviour of an individual but also helps us understand about a person's health and also make those changes needed the improve one's health.

This course is a beginner level course. This course offers you basic on Graphology and a lot more in detail. Take this course as an opportunity and a space for personality development along with new knowledge to gain.

Who this course is for:

  • Whoever is willing to learn and expand their knowledge.


graphologist and graphotherapist
Monika Chandan
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Hello everybody, my name is Monika. I am a trained and certified handwriting expert. Working in this field for about seven years now. Have changed people's life through the right changes in handwriting.

Over the years, I have offered courses and camps in graphology and Grapho therapy. I have trained adults and teenagers alike in this field, and taken this opportunity to post on Udemy to offer this course accessible to one and all.