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Learn To Identify Your Own As Well As Someone's Personality By Observing Their Handwriting!
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Graphology Handwriting Analysis
Will get to know more about their confidence levels, communication skills, relationships, thinking levels and many interesting personality aspects
Able to find someone's personality by just looking at letters in the handwriting
Learner will get fundamental knowledge about handwriting analysis


  • All you need is your Curious Brain & Willingness to learn!


Imagine you are sitting beside someone special and they are writing something up in their book or notes and you observe it and do the analysis just in your mind and later you explain it to them and they get impressed by your skill and you either get their number or a new date...amazing right? Well today I am going to teach you that skill

What is Handwriting Analysis?

Handwriting analysis is the method of finding someone’s personality by looking at their handwriting. Each letter, each word, sentence says something interesting….also by making change in handwriting you can improve every part of you personality starting from confidence level to relationships, communication skills, career, finances, health as well.

Here's What You Will Learn In This FREE Handwriting Analysis Course:

1. What is Graphology? How does it work?

2. Letter t: Get To Know Your Confidence Levels

3. Letter y: Improve Your Finances, Relationships, Social Life

4. Letter m, n: Are You A Fast Learner Or A Slow Learner?

5. Letter i: Check Your Imagination Levels!

6. Letter o: All About Your Talking Skills

7. Letter e: All About Your Listening Skills

8. Letter f: How Organized Are You Really?

9. Handwriting Size: Extrovert or Introvert? Who Are You?

10. More resources to learn Graphology

How can this course help you?

As a HR professionals: Hire right people

As a Psychologist: Understand & help your clients in more better way

As a Teacher: Get to know about your students

Personality Development: Improve your personality aspects

After completion of this course:

1. The Way You Look At Handwriting Will Significantly Change

2. You will be able to find someone's persona with the help of handwriting...It could be a stranger, celebrity, friends, family anyone

You'll Also Get:

1. Lifetime Access to course videos

2. Access to weekly emails about Graphology

3. Fast & Friendly Support in the Q&A section

If you want to learn complete Handwriting Analysis then you can enroll in our Graphology Handwriting Analysis Certification Course, you can learn Signature Analysis as well from our Complete Signature Analysis Course.

Become Graphology Expert

Thank You For Joining In...keep learning and keep growing!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is curious about finding their own and other people's personality
  • Psychologists, Psychotherapists
  • Human Resources (HR) professionals
  • Professionals as well as beginners who work in human behavior, mental health industry
  • Counselors
  • Teachers
  • Doctors
  • Learners who are interested in personality development


Graphology Expert & Founder At Graphologymadesimple
Akhilesh Bhagwat
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I am Akhilesh Bhagwat a passionate learner, educator and creator. I am also the Founder, Professional Graphologist at Graphologymadesimple having 5+ yrs of practical experience.

Why Graphology?

Graphology has helped me overcome my shyness (the reason this topic exists on all my courses), become more confident about self. It has helped me become a public speaker which before was impossible. Now since it helped me I wanted to give back so Graphologymadesimple was started with aim of helping everyone learn graphology.

My Work:

I have successfully completed handwriting, signature analysis of people from 25 different countries with 98% success rate. Along with analysis I have also helped people improve their personality by suggesting the right changes in handwriting as well as signature. If you are on Instagram, Facebook then you can check Graphologymadesimple page. You will find posts about Graphology on handwriting, signature, tips, quiz, feedbacks. You will also find the webinars, YouTube videos.

After doing many analysis lot of people asked to create an online courses in order to help everyone learn Graphology, the reason to be on Udemy.

What you will be learning?

Here you will find courses, mini courses on handwriting, signature analysis, Graphotheraphy, awareness courses. The mission is to spread awareness and help everyone learn Graphology in a most simplest way.

For any doubts or queries you can connect with me on Udemy, Q&A Section!

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