Grade 10 Advanced Maths - Revision Taster Course

Grade 10 Maths Complete Revision Guide: Ideal for K-12, SG and UAE curriculums (free taster course)
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Linear Systems and Matrices
Quadratic Functions and Relations
Polynomials and Polynomial Functions
Inverses and Radical Functions and Relations
Transformations and Symmetry
Probability and Measurement
Exponential and Logarithmic Functions and Relations
Rational Functions and Relations
Trigonometric Functions
Trigonometric Identities and Equations
Sequences and Series


  • Basic arithmetic skills
  • English language skills


(Please read carefully)

Welcome to this Grade 10 Mathematics revision course and thanks for choosing to learn with us.

This course follows the Grade 10 mathematics syllabus the K-12, Singapore and United Arab Emirates (UAE) curriculum. It is designed for adults who can work with their children if they are falling behind or have missed lessons in school.

If you are the parent of a current student, you will more than likely be aware of the amount of material that needs to be learned - and in such a short space of time too. This course has been designed with the primary purpose of breaking down all of the material into simpler pieces, which are both clear and easy to understand, thus making the overall learning process much more enjoyable as opposed to being somewhat overwhelming.

If your son or daughter finds mathematics to be challenging, you will see that the course starts by introducing the prerequisite topics that will help them in this course. These include solving simple systems of equations and drawing straight lines. These are certainly very handy if your son or daughter has just returned from their school break and need to have their memories given a quick refresh. This course has been tried and tested on students in both online and face to face settings - and the improvements made have been quite significant.

Every lesson will have a number of questions for students to do at the end. The questions vary in difficulty and have been specially designed to ensure that they have a good understanding of the relevant topics. There will also be a final test at the end of each section to see how much they’ve learned. Don't worry if they get some of the answers incorrect - the topic(s) they need to revisit will be shown at the end of the question along with the correct answers. The course is also suitable for the more able mathematician who just needs some extra practice for their exam.

Important Points:

Please kindly note that this is a course designed to help individuals quickly and effectively improve upon their mathematics. This course refers to mathematics which is normally taught to students in Grade 10. In some instances, depending on the syllabus, it may be taught at a later grade, or possibly not even at all. Please kindly check that this area of mathematics is on your son or daughter's syllabus before joining this course.

We hope this course will prove to be useful and we welcome any positive feedback or suggestions on how it can be improved.

The majority of proceedings from this course will go to charity.

Who this course is for:

  • Individuals studying Grade 10 Mathematics syllabus following K-12, SG or UAE curriculum
  • Individuals who need extra support with topics covered in Grade 10 Maths


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