Google Sheets: Pivot Tables + Data Insights For Beginners!

Learn to explore data & uncover insights with Google Sheets pivot tables! Course taught by fmr Google Analytical Lead.
Rating: 4.4 out of 5 (355 ratings)
17,107 students
Google Sheets: Pivot Tables + Data Insights For Beginners!
Rating: 4.4 out of 5 (355 ratings)
17,107 students
Gain proficiency exploring data & uncovering insights with Google Sheets pivot tables.
Learn to frame data analysis investigation questions and use Sheets pivot tables to find answers.
Get comfortable using a data insights + pivot tables process that will enable you to do data analysis on your own.
Save time using pivot tables for data analysis vs doing manual data calculations.
Get basic understanding of how pivot tables can be used to power advanced data visualizations and dashboards.


  • Basic understanding of Google Sheets (if needed, you could learn along the way)
  • High school math concepts (if needed, you could do a quick refresh during the course)
  • Do you have data in Google Sheets and not sure how to make it useful? Then this course is for you!

  • Do you want to get on the path to being Data-Savvy? Then this course is for you!

  • Do you want to grow your Google Sheets data skills? Then this course is for you!

This course has been *designed by a former Google Analytical Lead* so that you can get comfortable going from rows and columns of data in a Google Sheet to useful insights via pivot tables.

This course includes numerous hands-on examples and practice exercises that will get you feeling data-savvy.

As a bonus, practice exercises and lecture examples are included in a spreadsheet that you can keep as part of the course.

This course is broken out into 8 key sections:

  • Section 1: Introduction (what are pivot tables and how they are used in the real-world to surface data insights)

  • Section 2: An Overview of the Data Insights Pivot Table Process

  • Section 3: Applying the Data Insights Pivot Table Process

  • Section 4: Practice Exercises: Set 1 (Titanic Dataset)

  • Section 5: Solution Videos for Practice Exercises: Set 1 (Titanic Dataset)

  • Section 6: Practice Exercises: Set 2 (Red Wine Dataset)

  • Section 7: Solution Videos for Practice Exercises: Set 2 (Red Wine Dataset)

  • Section 8: Course Wrap + Bonus Content

The content has intentionally been curated for practitioners who want to apply learnings right away.

This is NOT a long drawn out course that goes deep in the weeds on academic theory.

Make the transition from decisions based on gut feel to data informed decision making!

Use this efficiently designed course to level up your data skills. Get started today! 


Who this course is for:
  • Data insights beginner who wants to learn to further explore data and surface insights that can inform business decisions.
  • Anyone not comfortable extracting insights from data using Google Sheets.
  • Professionals who are not satisfied with their job and who want to get on the path to building a data analytics career.
  • Any students in college who want to get started learning data skills.
  • This course is not for those who are already doing advanced data analysis with Google Sheets pivot tables.
Course content
8 sections • 43 lectures • 2h 55m total length
  • Course Promo Video!
  • What You Can Expect To Get Out Of This Course
  • Meet The Instructor (Former Googler; Now Data Skills Bootcamp Founder)
  • Why I’m Confident You’ll Enjoy This Course
  • Real World Examples Using Pivot Tables To Surface Data Insights
  • Glossary Of Data Terms We'll Be Using In The Course
  • What Is A Pivot Table?
    2 questions
  • Questions? Feedback? => Message me or see the the course Q&A
  • Overview: 5 Key Steps To Generate A Pivot Table
  • Step 1: Load In Data - 4 Common Ways To Load Data Into Google Sheets
  • Ideal Input Data Structure To Make Generating Pivot Tables Easier
  • Step 2: Orient & Trust Your Input Data
  • Orient & Trust Your Input Data
    1 question
  • Step 3: Draw Your Goal Output Table
  • Draw Your Goal Output Table
    1 question
  • Step 4: Use The Pivot Table Editor To Configure Goal Output
  • Pivot Table Configuration
    1 question
  • Step 5: Iterate On Pivot Table Configuration
  • Iterate On Pivot Table Configuration
    1 question
  • Friendly Reminder! Questions or Feedback? Message the instructor
  • Dataset We’ll Be Using For The Exercises & Lecture Examples
  • Titanic Dataset Questions
    6 questions
  • Titanic Dataset Link (for follow along examples & upcoming exercises)
  • Calculate An Average For A Dataset Variable
  • Basic Summary Statistics For A Dataset Variable
  • Splitting Metrics By A Dataset Category
  • Filter Stats For Only A Segment Of A Dataset
  • Grouping Stats By Multiple Dataset Categories
  • Customer Metrics
  • Adjusting Table Appearance (number formats, sorting, showing totals)
  • Titanic Dataset Link (in case you missed it)
  • Titanic Pivot Table Exercises Quiz
    11 questions
  • Exercise 1 Solution (Titanic Dataset Exercises)
  • Exercise 2 Solution (Titanic Dataset Exercises)
  • Exercise 3 Solution (Titanic Dataset Exercises)
  • Exercise 4 Solution (Titanic Dataset Exercises)
  • Exercise 5 Solution (Titanic Dataset Exercises)
  • Exercise 6 Solution (Titanic Dataset Exercises)
  • Exercise 7 Solution (Titanic Dataset Exercises)
  • Red Wine Dataset Link for Exercises Set 2
  • Red Wine Pivot Table Exercises Quiz
    5 questions
  • Exercise 1 Solution (Red Wine Dataset Exercises)
  • Exercise 2 Solution (Red Wine Dataset Exercises)
  • Exercise 3 Solution (Red Wine Dataset Exercises)
  • Exercise 4 Solution (Red Wine Dataset Exercises)
  • Exercise 5 Solution (Red Wine Dataset Exercises)
  • Combing Pivot Tables with Charts / Graphs in Google Sheets
  • Using Pivot Tables To Power An Executive Reporting Dashboard
  • Course Wrap Up
  • Continued Learning Resource: Google Sheets Function List (by Google)
  • Continued Learning Resource: 5 Career Building Articles From The Instructor

Helping Companies Use Data Insights To Decision Making
Brian Moore
  • 4.4 Instructor Rating
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  • 17,107 Students
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Hello, my name is Brian Moore, welcome to my Udemy course page!

I enjoy using analytics/data insights to inform strategic business/product decisions. I’m an expert in generating and sharing data insights with senior technical and non-technical stakeholders.

I’m a practitioner of an apprenticeship + continuous learning approach. At Google, I worked with and studied under leading experts in data science and business. In addition to continuous learning from experts in the field, I strengthen my knowledge by applying skills on real-world projects and adhere to an ongoing self-study routine (using online resources, learning platforms, books, podcasts, YouTube channels, conferences, etc.).

More on my background and learning approach can be found on via my LinkedIn or website.

Feel free to send me a message for questions and/or feedback!


– Brian Moore