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Take the Google AdWords certification exam
Build strong understanding of Google AdWords
Prepare for different Google AdWords scenarios
Build strong understanding of mechanics behind Google AdWords
Concentrate to get the best results over the Google AdWords certification exam


  • Previous Google AdWords experience is not required for this course.


| THE ULTIMATE Google Ads Certification course | UP TO DATE exam questions | REAL exam environment |

  • 500+ ALL 6 Exam Questions covered,

  • 100 Fundamentals quiz questions

  • 100 Search Advertising quiz questions

  • 99 Display Advertising quiz questions

  • 70 Mobile Advertising quiz questions

  • 74 Video Advertising quiz questions

  • 63 Shopping Advertising quiz questions

  • These are a total of more than 500 questions or all the full 6 Google AdWords Exams!

As a bonus, you will learn How to price and sell your Google Ads services.

And a lot of practical tips and tricks to get the Google AdWords certificate.



To get the Google Ads Certificate you need really high score on the test- 80% and above correct answers!   

No matter you are new in AdWords or you have years of experience this could get you into trouble.     

That’s why I create this course.   

My name is Grigor Yovov and I am a Certified Google Ads expert with more than 10 years of experience in Google AdWords.   

The easiest way to take that test is to practice the correct answers in the environment closest to the real test.     

Also, you need as many as possible variations of the questions.     

The reason is that Google Ads knowledge is not an endless universe and after a certain amount of questions they start to repeat and you just know the right answer.     

To get the Google Adwords Certificate you need to pass two exams. The first is Google Ads fundamentals and it is a mandatory exam.   

In the second exam, you can choose among the 5 different topics

These topics are:   

Search advertising, display advertising, mobile advertising, video advertising, and shopping advertising.   

This course is the ultimate google Ads certification course because it contains the questions and answers of all these exams.     

So you can prepare no matter what topic you will choose.   

Here what you will get:   

  • 100 Fundamentals quiz questions   

  • 100 Search Advertising quiz questions   

  • 99 Display Advertising quiz questions   

  • 70 Mobile Advertising quiz questions   

  • 74 Video Advertising quiz questions   

  • 63 Shopping Advertising quiz questions   

  • These are a total of more than 500 questions or all the full 6 Google AdWords Exams!   

  • ATTENTION: All the tests provided in this course are with 90% correct answers, so it may happen some of the answers in the tests are incorrect.

As a bonus, you will learn How to price and sell your Google AdWords services.     

And a lot of practical tips and tricks to get the google AdWords certificate.   

All you need to do is just to sign up for this course now     

and take you to Google Ads certificate for the first time! 

Who this course is for:

  • All that want Google AdWords Certificate
  • Google AdWords Expert
  • Google AdWords amateurs
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small business owners
  • People that wants a career in digital analysis
  • Popele that wnat to increase their Google AdWords knowladge
  • Digital Marketers


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I have 10+ years of experience with Google Ads, I am a certified Google Ads Expert. I am also a Google Analytics expert. I am also a Bachelor in Marketing.

I am a 100% job, successful UpWork freelancer. You can find a lot of 5 stars feedback in my profile. Here is just one of them related to Google Ad & LinkedIn & Facebook ads for a USA medical niche client:

“Grigor is the first freelancer who not only was able to set up my social media platforms but get results. I will rehire Grigor for other projects.”

I am the creator of the Business Trend digital agency.

If you want to visit it just click the "Earth" icon under my picture.

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