Going to a French restaurant

Learn all the things you need to be confident with the French language in a restaurant.
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Ask for a recommendation for a restaurant in French
Book, order, ask for the bill.... In French
Tips and information about French restaurants


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In this course, I will give you all the information you need to enjoy a night in a French restaurant.
Together and through short videos we will learn basics sentences and tips.

Getting a recommendation, understanding a direction, booking a table, ordering food and much more.

For each section, you will find a quiz and a vocabulary sheet.

Build your confidence, your pronounciation and you understanding, learn at your own pace.

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone
  • People traveling to France
  • People wanting to learn French
  • People wanting to know more about French restaurant culture

Course content

5 sections16 lectures44m total length
  • Get a recommendation
  • Find your way
  • The different type of restaurant
  • Opening time and price
  • Quiz: recommendation and information about a restaurant in France.
    8 questions


French teacher
Florent Catrevaux
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  • 4,258 Students
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Hi I am Florent, I am French and I am 29 years old.

I have a degree in Environmental biology and in cooking.

In the past, I worked as a chef in France and in New Zealand.
Nowadays I am French teacher, but I still love to cook and to talk about gastronomy.

I have lived in English speaking countries for more than 2 years.

I have been traveling the world for 2 years. From Asia to the Balkans and from Europe to South America.