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A Biblical Basis for Missions
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Understand the Biblical basis and mandate for mission and ministry. This understand should be applied in all areas of Christian ministry; specifically in the area of cross-cultural missions.
Evaluate one's motives, priorities, and actions in cross-cultural ministries. Students should apply this in an evaluation of one's current and future ministry endeavors.
Revise one's missions engagements in light any understanding of scriptural principles and mandates.
Implement a missions strategy that is firmly founded in Scripture.
Incorporate Biblical principles in all missions strategies and actions.


  • Students will not need any special materials to participate in this course.


This course, "God's Word, God's Work" gives a Biblical overview of missions and ministry. The course examines various Biblical texts to help the participant evaluate his or her own ministry against God's Word. The course utilizes Bible Stories from both the Old and New Testaments as the primary teaching method. The course is designed to allow the participant to go at his or her own pace. This course is designed to help those involved in ministry to evaluate their motives, methods and ministries against the background of the Bible. Those who want to develop a ministry or mission program that is Biblically based would benefit from this course.

Who this course is for:

  • The course will benefit church leaders who are planning mission and ministry programs in their local church.
  • The course will benefit leaders of short term mission teams as they make preparations to minister cross culturally.
  • This course is for anyone who wants to have a better understanding of what the Bible says about missions and ministry.
  • The course will also benefit anyone who is interested in the use of Bible Storying as a teaching and learning tool.


Missionary with IMB
David Olson
  • 4.6 Instructor Rating
  • 547 Reviews
  • 12,430 Students
  • 5 Courses

Missionary serving with the IMB for the last six years. We've had missionary experience on the frontline, working in both rural and urban settings. We utilize oral strategies and have seen it as an effective tool for both evangelism and discipleship in a variety of different places. We now serve on a training team where we help provide resources and training to both national and U.S. partnerships and help coach a network of missionaries in effective partnership for the purpose of reaching their end goals - all for His name sake!

Edward Ridge
  • 4.6 Instructor Rating
  • 112 Reviews
  • 5,176 Students
  • 1 Course

Ed has been serving with the International Mission Board since 1998. He, his wife Elenir and their family have served in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Brazil and Peru. During that time Ed has served in various roles including, church planter, mission administrator, Bible teacher, and currently serves as part of The Strategic Scripture Resource Team. He enjoys telling Bible Stories to oral learners. Ed enjoys watching all sports especially the Pittsburgh Steelers. He also loves spending time with his four children and his grandson Jake.

Strategy Training Associate International Mission Board
Don Barger
  • 4.6 Instructor Rating
  • 547 Reviews
  • 12,430 Students
  • 5 Courses

Don has served with the International Mission Board since 1997. He works with a training team providing training throughout Latin America. The training team specializes in trainings related to indigenous people groups, urban missions, and issues related to orality.

The training team has provided training in nearly every latin american country as well as in Africa and Europe. Online coaching and live webinars are additional options for training events. Don and the training team are fluent in English and Spanish and base out of Lima, Peru.

Christ follower, Husband, Daddy, Trainer, Photography, UAB, Mac, contrarian, and a proud Coffee Snob... get that Nescafe out of my face!

IMB Missionary
Elenir Ridge
  • 4.6 Instructor Rating
  • 112 Reviews
  • 5,176 Students
  • 1 Course

Elenir was born in Brazil. Since 1998, Elenir has served as a missionary with the International Mission Board. She along with her husband Ed has served in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Brazil and Peru. She is a part of the Strategic Scripture Resource Team which helps provide Bible Resources to Scripture-less peoples. Her hobbies include Science Fiction, sewing, quilting, reading, Bible Storying and cooking. She enjoys spending time with her four children and her grandson.

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