God's Grand Framework
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God's Grand Framework

Finding Our Place in God's Story
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Created by Jamin Bradley
Published 7/2020
English [Auto]
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What you'll learn
  • Our purpose in life according to the Bible
  • How free will and omniscience work together
  • How Jesus changed the world
  • What resurrection is
  • How the Bible actually paints the afterlife
  • What the Holy Spirit does
  • The new heavens and the new earth
  • What the image of God is
  • Why bad things happen
  • Why evangelism matters
  • A general understanding of the Bible story may be helpful

Why do we exist? Why do bad things happen? What did Jesus do? What does the Holy Spirit do? Where are we headed? All of these questions and more are addressed in "God's Grand Framework." This book is Pastor Jamin Bradley's big picture look at what the Bible has to say. It uses the overarching story that the Bible tells to address the many important questions Christians ask. If you're tired of getting cliché answers to the important questions of the Christian faith, then "God's Grand Framework" is for you. It will help you dive more deeply into the answers that Scripture gives us, push you to understand the full Biblical story better, and provoke you to think more deeply about some of Christianity's most basic questions.

Who this course is for:
  • Christians
  • Bible students
Course content
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+ Introduction
4 lectures 07:51

View the trailer before getting started.

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My name is Jamin Bradley. I am a pastor, author, and musician. Here's a bit more about me.

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Make sure to download the God's Grand Framework PDF file on this session before moving forward.


Welcome to God's Grand Framework. Let's get started.

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+ Why Do We Exist?
5 lectures 26:31

Before we address our purpose in the world, let's first understand the differences between the God of the Bible and gods of the Ancient Near East. This will help us start to see why we exist.

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When we look at idols in the Bible, we think that people were just worshipping statues. But they actually had a different perspective of what those statues were and when we understand that, we start to comprehend better what the Bible has to say about us.


The Hebrew word, selem, is typically translated "Image" or "Idol" in most Bible translations. This is important seeing as how Genesis tells us that humans are made in God's image.


Sometimes our culture makes women out to be lesser or subservient to men since the Bible calls Eve, "A helper." But this is not what the Bible means by this statement. Men and women are equal-imagers.

"Male and Female He Created Them"

Who is God speaking to when He says, "Let us make man in our image"? And why does it matter?

Heavenly Imagers

Let's revisit what we've learned in this section.

Quiz: Why Do We Exist?
5 questions
+ Do We Have Free Will?
8 lectures 30:37

What kind of world do we believe in? One where God has orchestrated every last thing that has happened or one in which our decisions matter?

Preview 01:57

What can reason and logic teach us about the idea of free will?


If God has omniscience—that is, He knows all things—then how can we have free will?


There are some strange passages when it comes to God's foreknowledge. Let's take a moment to address them.


If free will is true, then is predestination false? Not exactly. We just need to understand better what predestination is.


How can we have free will if God elects us to be saved? A fuller understanding of election is needed to understand how the two mix.


Few statements are more theologically bothersome than, "Everything happens for a reason." Here's why.

"Everything Happens for a Reason"

Now that we've discussed free will and the Bible, let's return to the situation I had with my neighbor.

My Neighbor
+ Why Do Bad Things Happen?
5 lectures 24:37

If God is omnipotent—that is, He has all power—why do bad things happen?

Preview 05:26

We often think of angels as obedient servants of God. But that's not exactly the way that the Bible paints them.

Heavenly Imagers

When people think of the giants, they often think only of Goliath. But the story of the giants in the Bible begins a few chapters into Genesis and their narrative illuminates a lot more of the Bible than you might think.

The Giants

So why do bad things happen? The answer: free will rebellion.

The Answer

Though bad things do happen now, one day they will be dealt with entirely.

The Day of the Lord
+ What Did Jesus Do?
3 lectures 19:02

What exactly did Jesus do to change the world? We cover that here.

Preview 02:30

Ever since the early pages of Genesis, humanity was waiting for a human hero to fix the world.

The Human Hero

Jesus did a lot more than die on a cross to save us from sins. While His atonement is essential, we need to learn to see all the things the the Bible writers saw accomplished on the cross.

Jesus Did Much More
+ What Does the Holy Spirit Do?
4 lectures 22:31

We know the Holy Spirit lives inside of us as Christians, but what does He do?

Preview 01:28

The Holy Spirit is seen all throughout the Bible as a creator.

New Creation

In both the Old and New Testament, the Holy Spirit empowers people for ministry.


While God is omnipresent—that is, He is everywhere—the Bible shows Him showing up more tangibly in certain physical locations.

+ What Do We Do Now?
5 lectures 18:53

Now that Jesus has saved us from sin and gone to Heaven, what are we supposed to do?

Preview 04:25

Those of the chosen nation of Israel wanted to earn God's favor back upon them by living righteous lives since they had been exiled for their sin.

Earning Salvation

When God returned for His chosen nation, He declared that outsiders were now welcome as well.

The Unchosen Nations

Pentecost is connected to the Tower of Babel, and this connection screams about the importance of evangelism.

The Tower of Babel

The Bride of Christ will not be made up of one race. It is made up of all races.

The Bride of Christ
+ Where Are We Headed?
4 lectures 21:15

Many think that all that is ahead of us is dying and going to Heaven. But there's actually more.

Preview 02:10

While the Kingdom of Heaven is not here in fullness yet, there is an expectation that we are installing it on the earth while we wait for it to arrive.

Jesus and the Kingdom

Resurrection isn't about dying and going to Heaven. Resurrection is about leaving Heaven to come back to earth.

The Earth

When the resurrection comes, we will be given new immortal and miraculous bodies like Jesus' to live in.

Learn more about what the Bible has to say on resurrection.
1 Corinthians 15
1 question
+ What Happens to Evil?
4 lectures 20:48

If the world will one day be perfect in the resurrection, what happens to everything that is less than perfect?

Preview 05:23

Let's take a deeper look at some of the confusing passages that feed our understanding of Hell.

A Deeper Look

If we believe in conditional immortality, will we care about evangelism?

What About Evangelism

Hell is the end of everything wrong in the world.

The End of Evil
+ Conclusion
1 lecture 06:04

We don't need to give cliché Christian answers. The Bible offers us many better ones.

Better Answers