Relentless Optimism! The Secrets of Goal Setting Mastery
4.7 (79 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
869 students enrolled

Relentless Optimism! The Secrets of Goal Setting Mastery

Go For Your Dreams, Find Your Purpose, and Stay Motivated to Achieve Success
4.7 (79 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
869 students enrolled
Created by Alexa Fischer
Last updated 3/2020
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What you'll learn
  • Find your purpose, for both big and small projects.
  • Gain invaluable insights into what you want and why you want it.
  • Build confidence and clarity around your goals, in various aspects of your life.
  • Create a roadmap of small, actionable steps to help you make progress toward your desires.
  • Build self-esteem through techniques by releasing your negative thoughts and habits.
  • Learn simple techniques for staying motivated, even when facing obstacles.
  • A desire to learn more about yourself with compassion and curiosity.
  • A willingness to trust the process and do the work.

Have you ever had that pang of jealousy watching someone achieve their dreams - sharing their vision effortlessly - jumping over every perceived obstacle along the way?

You might think, “They make it look so EASY, so why the heck can’t I do it too?! What’s stopping me?!”

If you’ve landed on this page, then something inside of you is tired of your procrastination, sick of your hesitation and READY to finally GO FOR YOUR DREAMS! You have this one precious life and you deserve success, happiness and a deep sense of contentment so you can finally live the life you imagine for yourself.

It’s time for you to connect to your purpose, set achievable goals and learn how to stay motivated along the way, and I can show you how.

Maybe your desire is to build your own online course.

Or finally lose those nagging ten pounds (again).

Or put yourself out there - on video - so you can share your vision with the world.

If you’re tired of watching others achieve success while you seem to stay stuck in the same old patterns, then this is the course for you.

I’m Alexa I’m a best-selling Udemy instructor. I’ve taught tens of thousands of students to speak with confidence - on camera, at work, on stage and IN LIFE. As a former actress on hit TV shows like Lie to Me, NCIS and Bones, I have honed a methodology to help people connect with their inner light - something I call their 1000 watt presence - to light up a room and light up your life.

I’ve shared my expertise on The Today Show and have been featured in publications like Fast Company, Forbes, Entrepreneur and Thrive Global. With over 2,000 five star reviews, my students have shared the impact my insights have made in their life.

“The teacher is brilliant and the lessons are truly motivational! I am so thankful for this course. It changes your life.” - Luciola Zamprogna, Udemy student

In this master class, I breakdown the teaching into three primary areas




Each section addresses the critical steps for discovering deep insights into exactly what you have secretly wishing to achieve and what’s stopped you in the past. Next, you learn specific exercises to take those insights and put them into action so you finally achieve those lasting results you have always wanted.

Each lesson is short, inspirational, and specific - with guided exercises every step of the way. In addition to the video lectures, a 70+ page workbook is available with worksheets provided with every lesson.

In this master class, I cover:

FINDING YOUR PURPOSE: Helping you identify the work that matters to you.

  • Making Meaning: Why Finding Your Purpose Matters

  • Gaining Perspective: How the Messages You've Received Shaped You

  • Finding Focus: Dig Deep and Start Discovering

  • Taking Action: Your Path to Progress


  • Define It: The Power of Clarity

  • Sneaky Thoughts: How to Release Negativity

  • Name It: Your BIG AWESOME Goal

  • Breaking It Down: Small Steps Create Massive Results


  • The Attitude of Success

  • Learn From Others: Seek Advice + Inspiration

  • Best Practices For Staying on Track

  • Pep Talks on Demand (I’ll lift you up when you feel down!)

Each section includes additional video Question + Answers and I’m always connected to my students as they have questions and comments along the way! Curious to see more, please check out the preview lectures available and see for yourself.

One Udemy employee shared that she always watches one of my videos when she feels stuck or overwhelmed to help her go from thinking that “she can’t” to “I can”. That one comment was the inspiration for this course! It was time that I shared my personal tools and techniques to help my students make their big dreams come true.

This is your time, my friend. You can do it. In fact, the only regret you will ever have in life is never trying.

See you in class!!!

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who has been frustrated by risks not taken and opportunities missed.
  • People who dream big but need more guidance to stay on track.
  • Individuals who know they are capable of more, but manage to stop themselves from achieving true success.
  • Anyone who wants to find their true calling and build the confidence to take action toward their dreams.
  • Visionaries who are tired of feeling like they are waisting their time, floundering with their goals.
Course content
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+ Introduction
2 lectures 02:52

I'm thrilled you've decided to make your dreams / wishes / goals come TRUE! You can do this, my friend and I'm honored to guide you along the way. Let's dive in!

Preview 02:49

In every lecture, you will find each of the exercises that are included in this workbook. If you prefer to download it at one time, please do so!

THE WORKBOOK: Goal Setting Mastery
+ YOUR PURPOSE: Making Meaning: Why Finding Your Purpose Matters
5 lectures 12:25
YOUR PURPOSE- Making Meaning Worksheets

It can be a little intimidating to think about “your purpose” simply because this notion is based on the belief that if you do anything other than that one THING, you will have missed your opportunity to do your life’s work. Let’s step back and broaden the definition of “your purpose”. Instead of believing that it is one thing and one thing only, my suggestion is approach this course with openness and curiosity so you can discover the “purpose” through a series of exercises.

Preview 02:54

Instead of thinking about your life’s work - your career - or the GIANT THING that you could potentially be spending the majority of your time on, why not consider a “Purpose Project” instead? This can be a short-term goal, a commitment to doing something you always wanted to do, and perhaps a way to give back! In other words, IT’S DOABLE! So, if at any point you begin to feel overwhelmed with the discovery of your purpose, then consider making a "purpose project" instead!

Your Purpose Project: Another Perspective About Your Life's Work

Let’s get really clear about what you are wanting to CREATE in your life right now. It’s like a wish list for your fulfillment in all aspects of your being. No need to hold back, my friend. Listen to the whisper in your mind, wishing for more. It could be better health, a more fulfilling career, richer relations, or greater abundance. You name it! Go ahead and connect with those “burning desires”, not from a place of longing, but from a place of POSSIBILITY. Those whispers in your mind contain the wisdom of what you are ready to make happen. In this lecture, you'll outline the key areas in which you are ready to GROW.

Your Goals - Identifying What You Want

In the last lecture, I spoke about the tangible things you are ready to work for in your life and the goals you wish to accomplish as you identify your life’s purpose. Now I invite you to look at your goals from a different perspective.How do you want to feel? It’s easy to assume that once you’ve achieved all those goals, only THEN you will feel happy, fulfilled, satisfied, and compete. But wait! You deserve to feel all those positive feelings RIGHT NOW. In fact, when you do, your positive thoughts and feelings will fuel you when you have those moments of doubt and uncertainty. They will fuel your ability to stay motivated. They will help you discover what your life’s purpose actually is!

Identifying How You Want to Feel
+ YOUR PURPOSE: Gaining Perspective: How the Messages You've Received Shaped You
5 lectures 21:20
YOUR PURPOSE- Gaining Perspective Worksheets

From the time we are born, we have been receiving messages from our parents, our teachers, and our communities. These “messages” or beliefs shaped our very ideas about the world and our role in it. While we may think on the surface they are relatively harmless, at closer glance, these messages have subconsciously been affecting our behaviors at every step of our lives.

How Messages from Childhood Formed the Way We Think

In this day and age we are bombarded with images that subtly inform us how we are “supposed” to look and behave. Every time I head out the door to meet with a client, introduce my product to a new store, or film a video for a course, I put on makeup. Now, I realize this is a choice and one not everyone will choose to wear makeup, but for me, I discovered that this message of “women wear makeup” is EVERYWHERE in mass media. While that may seem like an obvious example, let’s take a moment and consider more subtle messages. These gender stereotypes are often portrayed in media from the time kids are really young, thereby forming their opinions right from the start.

Mass Media’s Influence on the Way You Think

I would imagine that the chatter inside your mind isn’t always positive, right? We all happen to be our worst critic and yet all those negative thoughts are bringing us down and affecting our energy. It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Daphna Slonim, MD. In her remarkable work, she has discovered that subconscious sabotage is stopping most of us from achieving happiness, success and ultimate fulfillment in life.

Self Talk: How The Story You Tell Yourself Has Shaped Your Life

Not to be morbid, but we all are going to leave the planet at some point. Why not write your own obituary? I know this may sound crazy, but the idea here is to write the story of your legacy. How do you want people to remember you? What will they say when you’re gone? How will they describe your life’s work and the person you were when you graced the world?

Preview 04:23
+ YOUR PURPOSE: Finding Focus: Dig Deep and Start Discovering
7 lectures 31:02
YOUR PURPOSE- Finding Focus worksheets

In this lecture, I would love for you to identify the activities that you do (or have previously done) that bring you JOY. You can think about all aspects of your life, not just your career. What activities that you enjoy doing that already give you your desired feelings right now? Remember, when you identify, connect with, and engage in your happiest activities, you are living your best life - giving you the calm and clarity you need to DISCOVER the connection between your goals, your desired feelings and the activities you will do to have a life filled with purpose. That’s the happiness formula!

The Happiness Formula: Figure Out What Lights You Up

Let’s talk about the habits we all have that we know don’t serve us well, shall we? From binge watching, to late night online shopping sprees, what’s the sneaky stuff you do that may be bringing you down? (If you happen to be someone who lives your life in balanced moderation… Good for you! (You may now skip this lecture.) For everyone else, go ahead and really think about your day yesterday or last week… What habits do you have that might be dragging you down?

Preview 04:19

We live in an incredibly stressful world... I’m sure you can agree. In fact, we have become so used to feeling stressed, it feels like a normal state of being. But stress can be terrible for your health, your mental well-being and your ability to feel connected to your purpose. I encourage you to explore some of the resources mentioned in this lecture so you can discover some useful (and fun!) activities to relax and recharge.

Managing Stress: Cortisol, Nature and Finding Balance in the Chaos of Life

The first part of the Wishbeads experience is to quiet your mind and allow yourself to visualize a moment in time (at some point in the future) where your wish has already come true. You can do this activity on your own, or you can listen to a guided visualization that is provided in the next lecture. The intention with this exercise is to allow your subconscious mind to deliver some insights as to what will make you truly happy and fulfilled. Enjoy the visualization. Your inner being will guide you!

Visualize: A Guided Meditation to Finding Your Happy Place

Set aside some quiet time for yourself and enjoy this guided visualization. To get the most out of this experience, give yourself time to enjoy the recording as well as an additional 10-15 to write down what you experienced. (20-25 minutes in total)

I recommend using a journal, so you can refer back to it whenever you wish. You’ll want to! If you prefer to read the guided exercise, and visualize on your own, you are welcome to! See the attached resource. ENJOY.

The Guided Visualization: Audio Recording

Now that you’ve completed the guided visualization, I encourage you to record your experience. This exercise is known as automatic or free writing, where you give yourself the opportunity to write without stopping or censoring yourself in any way. No need to worry about grammar and spelling! Just write and write…

Automatic Writing: Allow your Subconscious To Guide You
+ YOUR PURPOSE: Taking Action: Your Path to Progress
5 lectures 19:05
YOUR PURPOSE- Taking Action worksheets

When you discover your purpose, you are really discovering the GIFTS you have to give to the world. Selfless giving is one of the most rewarding activities you can do, both for yourself and the people whose lives you touch. Now that you have identified the activities you enjoy and make you feel good, WHO is benefitting when you do them? What impact does it have on their lives? Use the handout provided to discover who you could potentially help. It’s through giving that we experience the sweetness of life.

Preview 05:15

It’s time to take action! Hooray! Forward movement inevitably creates results, so let’s get really clear about ONE THING you are ready to get started doing RIGHT NOW. In all of the exercises so far, you have explored various areas in your life where you seek a deeper connection, so you can achieve your goals.

Moving Forward: Creating an Action Plan

Music has a powerful way of taking us out of our day to day lives, and transporting our minds and souls. Why not use music as a tool to elevate your mood, shake off your stress and make you feel instantly better? In this lesson, I share a personal story of Aretha Franklin’s magical voice on the day she died… Her rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow will surely stir your soul. Now is your time to create your power playlist of songs! What’s on your list? Discovering the gift of a well curated playlist of tunes to help you stay in the groove of life!

The Magic of Music: Create Your Soundtrack of Success

We have become a society that is driven by distraction. As a result, we’ve lost the art of being really present with the world around us. Life is not inside your cell phone. It’s in the trees lining your street. It’s in the open sky above your head. It’s in the gaze of a stranger as you pass by. In order to get back to the sweetness of life, I encourage you to PRACTICE being present. Two tools that work brilliantly together are meditation and mindful breathing.

Practicing Mindfulness: Exercises for Getting Present
+ YOUR PURPOSE: Your Questions Answered
8 lectures 15:46
YOUR PURPOSE- Your Questions Answered worksheet

In each section, I offer you some answers to some commonly asked questions. Now, if you have ANY questions along the way, I invite you to share them inside this community! Here's how...

Your Invitation to Ask Me Questions

FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) has become the norm and all those curated lives that we see on social media are screwing with our minds to say the least. While it may be fun to admire someone’s sunny vacation pictures or their adorable kids on the first day of school, it’s hard to keep in mind that people are only posting the moments they want you to see. Your life is as wonderfully complicated as theirs, but if you’re feeling “less than” when you look at social media, I suggest turning it off for a bit.

Preview 01:48

When you wake up in the morning with a deep sense of contentment, looking forward to the tasks of the day, then I would say you are in the right vicinity of your purpose. Discovering your purpose is a never ending journey, which means that you can trust that “your purpose” will evolve over time. If you are doing what you enjoy, helping others along the way and feeling more positive than negative most of the time, then you have arrived.

How will I know that I really found my purpose?

Oh, that’s a slippery slope, my friend. If you are considering suggesting that someone else (perhaps someone you love) find their purpose as well, I would encourage you to focus on your own journey instead. The best way to influence someone else is by example. This journey is yours and yours alone and by showing up - brighter and bolder than you were before, perhaps they will get curious enough to ask you what happened. Until then, embrace your journey, do the work and trust the process.

Can I help my partner find their purpose too?

Your doubts can be your best teacher. In those moments when you feel stuck, hesitant or unsure at all, go ahead and PAUSE to consider what’s really going on. Is this voice of doubt a reasonable concern? Is it a childhood concept that you no longer need? Is it based on experiences you’ve had in the past? By pausing and really probing into the nature of your doubt, you are giving yourself the opportunity to learn from your past so you can make well informed choices for your future. Embracing uncertainty is a skill unto itself. When you can embrace your doubts like a voice of inner wisdom instead of harsh judgement, you can thrive.

What if I do this work and I still have doubts?

Yes! I would encourage you to look at your life in stages. What excited you at 25 years old, might not interest you 20 years later. And that’s okay! If you can embrace the notion that you are able to change (and that change is normal), then you give yourself the freedom and flexibility to grow and explore other activities that light you up. It’s never too late to get a new degree, launch a new business, begin volunteering, start participating in local politics, taking up a new hobby! You get to choose your own adventure! Go for it.

Can my purpose change over time?

If after taking this course, you are contemplating leaving your job, let me offer a little suggestion. You may not need to quit, rather you can look more deeply at your current position and see if you can shift your perspective (even your duties) slightly to put them more on alignment with the activities that you perform well and enjoy. There is no job in the world that doesn’t come with challenges and growth opportunities! Even when you own your own business, you will likely be spending at least 50% of your time on tasks that you don’t necessarily enjoy. That’s perfectly normal. Remember, “your purpose” is a broad target, which includes your life and goals inside your career in addition to other areas of your life, such as your relationships, your hobbies, your health and your spirit. 

Now that I found my purpose, should I quit my job?
+ YOUR GOALS: Define It: The Power of Clarity
5 lectures 16:06
YOUR GOAL- Define It Worksheets
How to get the most from this Section on Goals

Imagine that you had the ability to order up whatever you wished at any time, and MAGICALLY it would appear! Well, I like to think that the “the Universe” works a little bit like a waiter taking your order at a restaurant. The more you know what you CRAVE, the more precise the order will deliver exactly what will satisfy your hunger. How cool is that? Introducing the Law of Attraction.

Preview 04:39

You set yourself in motion by defining where you want to go, then allowing the experience to unfold. So, let’s get very clear about your destination. When you see the details of your future goal - as if you’ve already achieved it - you are activating the Law of Attraction as well as defining the road map to start taking action toward exactly what you wish to achieve.

Building Your Road Map - What's the Best Way to Get There

What tools and techniques, habits and behaviors will help you as you pursue your goal? In this lesson, I discuss my favorites! I invite you to develop your own. Write them down in the worksheet provided.

Getting Packed For the Journey - What Will You Need Along the Way?
+ YOUR GOALS: Sneaky Thoughts: How to Release Negativity
5 lectures 23:07
YOUR GOAL- Sneaky Thoughts Worksheets

Negative energy drains you and zaps your personal power. Daphna Slonim, MD delivers a wonderful TEDx talk in which she discussed subconscious sabotage and the power of energy muscle testing to identify how our body knows what is good for us. 

Why Your Doubts are Dragging You Down

I don’t think there is a person on the planet that doesn’t experience self criticism. Instead of thinking that this “voice” is you being highly critical of yourself, imagine that the “voice” was a separate persona entirely. If you were to imagine what this voice looked like, how would they appear? In this video, I'll show you how to handle your inner critic once and for all.

Crush Your Critic: Release the Nagging Voice in Your Head
Tapping Away the Blues: The Temporal Tap

We all have areas of our life that make us feel a little “less than”. For me, social media always brings out odd feelings of insecurity. What should I post? What’s my style? How consistent should I be? Who really cares anyway? Is this worth my time and effort? Honestly, it goes on and on. Here is my true confession!

Confessions of a Social Media Wallflower
+ YOUR GOAL: Identifying Your BIG AWESOME Goal
5 lectures 19:02
YOUR GOAL- Your BIG AWESOME Goal Worksheets

Let's get wonderfully specific with your goal. Here’s another opportunity to step back and consider what your want your future to look like by gaining a longer perspective of your goal over time. It's time to imagine your future self. Where do you see yourself as it relates to your goal?

Preview 03:56

Creativity is a powerful force that many us do not make time for in our busy lives. I’m here to remind you how important it is to PLAY. When we are engaged in creativity, we are stimulating the right side of our brain. This part of you has all kinds of wisdom to share so you can deepen your awareness of your goal.

Get Creative: Ways to Play and Explore

Let's step back and look at the impact your goal will have on you and others. Why is this goal worth pursuing and what impact will it have as a result of your actions? When you can identify WHY you want it and who will win as a result of you achieving this goal, you can stay motivated as you take the action steps to get there.

Your WHY: Who WINS When You Win?

Life will interrupt your best intentions and if you do not put your goals (and all the actions associated with that goal) into your calendar, it will not happen. I know that sounds a tad dramatic, but the truth is, procrastination, distraction, and overwhelm can get in the way and I don’t want to see that happen to you!

Put it in the Calendar and Make it Real
+ YOUR GOAL: Breaking It Down: Small Steps Create Massive Results
6 lectures 01:00:05
YOUR GOAL- Breaking It Down Worksheets

Oh, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Alexandra Franzen. She’s an author, writing coach and overall amazing human being. She also happens to be the QUEEN of TINY GOALS!!!

Introducing Alexandra Franzen - The Woman Who Taught Me About the Power of Tiny
My Interview with Alexandra Franzen!

Now that you know your big goal, write out all the tiny goals you can do that will help you achieve your goals. Any perceived obstacles you have, write out the potential solutions (hire a trainer!, make time to research!, secure additional funding!) Small simple steps create powerful results!

Simple Ways to Start Small and Rock Your World

Give your goal love and connection - consistently - and you will train yourself to keep working toward your goal. When you feed your goal with love, it will love you right back!

Show Your Goal Love Everyday

Even for tiny goals, creating space for celebration gives you the energy to keep going. After you floss (fist pump!), clean your desk (go get some flowers!), prepare the coffee pot the evening before (take a bow!) It may seem silly, but you are training your mind to believe that you’re WINNING in life, not perpetually “failing”. 

Celebrate the WINS