Goal Setting For Success: Plan And Achieve Your Goals

This Goal Setting course will teach you to develop a goal oriented mindset, set SMART goals and create action plans
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You will be able to start setting personal clear goals to boost your success
You will develop a goal setting mindset
You will find out what you really want in life
You will create a concrete plan to reach your target using spreadsheets and goals setting activities
You will plan your day in detail and know exactly which goal you will reach before tomorrow
You will be able to gain valuable time every day from your goal setting skills
You will have a digital daily, weekly, monthly and yearly planner
You will create a whole year plan that really helps you reach your goals
You will create an action plan focused on your goals and with no room for time wasters
You will align your actions with your life goals
You will set a plan to know what to stop, keep or start doing in order to achieve your goals
You will be able to make the best decisions to level up your life
You will define the causes that lead to your current situation
You will be able to evaluate risks, taking positive and negative aspects into consideration
You will create an empowering vision board
You will create a path through life
You will manage the SMART goal setting process with real examples
You will enhance your problem solving skills effectively with performance goal setting activities
You will develop a continuous improvement mindset
You will upgrade your life by raising your standards
You will know if your daily habits will lead you to reach your goals
You will change lazy habits into high-performing habits that align with your goals
You will remove all those unnecessary activities that hold you back from achieving what you want
You will save time, energies, money and resources
You will identify problems, set results and plan the necessary resources to achieve the final goal
You will combine your motivation with concrete goal planning strategies


  • No prior knowledge or experience is required
  • An open mind for learning and willingness to succeed
  • Students should be willing to constantly practice the goal planning strategies to level up their life and double the chances of reaching their goals


Are you a student, struggling at setting and achieving your goals?

This goal setting course will quickly allow you to start setting personal and professional goals to boost your success.

If you are a studente you can start seeing a path to the success you hope for: you will be able to develop a goal setting mindset, find out what you want in life and create a concrete action plan to reach your targets.

In this course I will teach you everything you need to know about setting clear goals. You'll learn how to use Goal Setting to create an action plan focused on your desired results and align your daily actions with your goals.

You will create your own daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly action plan to know what to stop, keep or start doing in order to achieve your goals.

You do not need any previous knowledge. We will start from the beginning and step by step you will create your life path.

You will learn how goal setting can help you create a compelling future whereby you will start building high-performing habits that align with your goals.

There is an important time for students to become consciously aware of and intentional about key choices.

There are spreadsheets and exercises files available to download so that students can practise goal setting activities they have learned. Together we will learn how to master the art of setting goals.

What will students learn in this setting goals course?

  • Start by understanding the importance, benefits, and value of Goal Setting

  • Dive into creating your own daily, weekly, monthly and yearly action plan

  • Use real examples to manage the SMART goal setting process

  • Advance your decision making skills

  • Speed up your workflow by removing distractions

  • Align motivation and goal planning strategies to create an amazing future

  • Know what to Stop/Keep/Start doing to develop a continuous improvement mindset

  • Make a vision board that works

  • Find out what you really want and make your big life decisions

  • Build the daily habits that will lead you to reach your goals

  • Save time, energies, money and resources every single day

Real Skills for Goal Setting Students

Design your own amazing action plan based on your life goals.

Become a goal oriented mindset and transform your productivity by setting SMART goals.

With the skills learned in this course, students will build high-performing habits that can help them reach goals in terms of relationship, career and personal development.

This is a Goal Setting course for students with the purpose to help them be clear about their goals.

If you aren't happy with your purchase, we have a 30-day 100% money back guarantee.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone that has not clear life goals. We start right at the beginning.
  • Students, unemployees, employees, managers, entrepreneurs and any creatives who want to focus on personal goals and level up his own life
  • Anyone that has completed my Time Management or Focus Mastery courses

Course content

2 sections13 lectures1h 17m total length
  • The Importance, Benefits, and Value of Goal Setting
  • Boost Your Chances of Success by Setting Clear Goals
  • How to Eliminate the Unnecessary and Simplify Your Day
  • 10 Questions To Find Out What You Really Want
  • Goal Setting Tips for Creating Your Extraordinary Life: 6 Areas
  • How To Make Your Big Life Decisions


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My passion is helping businesses and individuals unlocking their potential, improving their skills and surpassing targets to create long term success.

I will teach you how to master your time by focusing on the high-value actions and habits that will lead you to reach your life goals and live on your own terms.