Goal Setting: Discover, organise and achieve your goals

Achieve your dreams and desires using this simple step-by-step method which contains many examples and useful tools
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Discover your life satisfaction level and the domains in life which you need to improve
Uncover all your dreams, desires and ideas
Set Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound goals
Prioritize your goals and pick those that you will focus on in the immediate future
Track down the tasks that will materialize your dreams and will solve your problems
Distribute your action tasks in your weekly calendar
Keep track of your progress using various tools
Stay motivated so that you don't give up
Analyze problems and discover potential solutions
Use various tools that will help you organize your life


  • Desire to live your life to its fullest potential
  • Accept the responsibility that you are the only one controlling your life
  • Commitment that you will take action


This course will teach you how to :

  1. Discover your current life satisfaction level and the level that you want to reach

  2. Discover your goals and transform them applying the SMART standard

  3. Put your goals in motion by defining specific tasks you have to do

  4. Keep track of your progress

  5. Stay motivated all the way to achievement.

At the end of this course you will have a clear direction and a plethora of tools and examples that will help you take control of your life and go after your dreams and desires.

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone that wants to change their lives for the better
  • Everyone that has already a goal or idea that they want to materialize but don't know how to do it
  • Everyone that is facing a problem but cannot analyze all the parameters for its solution


Founder of Happy4Always
Georgios Grigorakis
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  • 2 Courses


I am Georgios. I come from Greece and since 2005 I am living in Cologne - Germany.

For as long as I remember myself I was always looking for ways and techniques to organize my life. It came naturally to me to have a plan for almost everything in my life. I did that as kid, as a student, as an employee as a parent and now as a teacher.

All those years I have found out that putting my ideas on paper is the best way to understand them. The last 5 years after discovering personal development and goal setting I have built my whole life around it. I have found out that I am the only responsible for my life and if I want to change it to the better I have to take action.

I am keen in learning new things and trying them out to see if they fit to my own personality. And when they do, I document them and standardize them. This course is the result of many years of exploration.

In 2015 -while I was in Crete enjoying my summer holidays-, I felt the urge to try new things, outside my comfort zone. Things that I always wanted to do but never tried seriously to achieve.

The years that followed I set off on an incredible journey to goal setting. Throughout those years and until today, I managed to achieve many of my dream goals like:

- Create a blog that I can use to communicate with people

- Create two YouTube channels

- Started my journey to public speaking

- Publish my first book on goal setting

- Create online courses

- Finish many half-marathons races

- Meet very interesting people

- Held design thinking workshops

- Deliver life coaching sessions

During this journey I realized that it is not the final goal that counts but the journey to get there.

I found out that life has its ups and downs, that after the storm comes the calm and that there are no failures in life.

There are only successes and lessons learned.

I have learned how to be grateful for what I have and how much joy I get from helping other people and sharing my knowledge.

My vision is to continue my journey in life and share with you all the knowledge and experience that I am acquiring so that I help you improve your life and discover your full potential.

Georgios G. Grigorakis

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