Go Quickly from Re-acting to Acting: learn how to stay calm.
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Go Quickly from Re-acting to Acting: learn how to stay calm.

Often around or in arguments or fights and wish to find a way to stop the negative cycle? Turn negative routines around.
5.0 (3 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
412 students enrolled
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  • 9 articles
  • 33 downloadable resources
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What you'll learn
  • Quickly learn how to turn fights and arguments into opportunities for personal growth and increased personal peace.
  • Have you been accused of having a short-temper? Are you often surrounded by people who like to argue or even fight? Learn how to turn these negative experiences into an opportunity for personal growth and new-found peace.
  • This course can be used for PTSD but it's not specifically designed for it.
  • Road Rage? Turn it around with our tap along resources.
  • Attracting Difficult Co-workers in the office? Watch them go away using these simple and yet effective techniques.
  • Are you an empath surrounded by narcissists? They will literally run away as you use these techniques, or change for the better.
  • An open mind and the basic understanding of techonolgy to join our group calls on Zoom.

This course is specifically designed for individuals who have a tendency to be around arguments as either passive participants, who suffer through them silently wishing it would all go away, or for those people who tend to react and actually stay for the good fight until the bitter end to then find themselves, in both cases, tired and exhausted and back again at it the next time.

If you have tried everything else and nothing worked, if you haven't tried anything yet and wish to quickly learn valuable skills you can put into practice right away, from the moment you start the course, this may be the right fit for you.

Truly motivated people will find a way out of their issues but it is hard finding the motivation on our own when in a negative and destructive cycle.

There are many self-help books out there and courses but I find that unless one has a lot of money and time to invest one cannot really quickly take charge nor change this negative daily cycle of arguing, feeling tired and sad and maybe angry and with no way out. Most of these books and courses don't offer an affordable in-person support accompanied with the book or course or if they do it comes at a very stiff price. This course is about changing all that starting from these explosive situations during which people get into heated arguments, or at times just cold-war types, that damage our health on top of disturbing our emotional and mental peace.

Through the steps you will be guided through you will have a chance to practice the skills over and over and then you will have access to a month of free online group calls where you can interact with coaches and healers who will help you through the process while using these techniques in group calls with others seeking the same kind of support.

This course is for those of you who are ready to change, who have decided that they no longer want to stay in the negative cycle of fighting and arguing or of being around such happenings as "forced" mediators. If you are ready to say goodbye to drama and welcome peace and growth this course will give you plenty of opportunity to learn and practically solidify all that you learned through guided meditations and sample calls and in-person group calls plus lots of bonus information for those of you who would like to learn more about specific topics and techniques. We can't do the work for you but we will be there walking beside you helping you by keeping a safe healing space and by answering the many questions you may have. We never stop learning and we never stop helping because this is how we can build a strong positive healing community.

Your success is our success and with this in mind we created this course.

Who this course is for:
  • People who have been often accused of having a temper, a short fuse, inability to control their feelings, too senstive, and who once triggered get truly upset inside and even sick from the experience. People who have tried everything to stop this and never found a solution. If you feel you are at the end of your rope when it comes to this and would do anything to change this self destructive pattern this course is for you.
Course content
Expand all 35 lectures 03:32:12
+ Learn the Basics and Apply!
12 lectures 01:59:31

In this lecture Francesca explains what to expect from her videos and also her position on leaving constructive reviews and how to voice what could be improved upon.

Preview 03:54

Students will be able to determine if this course is what they need and if it could help them get closer to their ultimate goal.

Preview 08:35

Relaxing Suggestibility Test Meditation on Video and Mp3 as well.

Is Hypnosis for Me? Try this Relaxing Meditation Suggestibility Test.

Students will have a basic understanding and will start to practice the basic EFT basic recipe. Please download the EFT Mini Manual by Dawson Church. All the theory you will need for this course is included in this EFT Mini Manual that is offered for free on www.eftuniverse.com. I have included it here for your convenience. At the end of the course I will provide direct links to the manual so you can access even more resources and studies.

Learning the Basics

Students will know how to perform  the EFT Basic Procedure and will get a chance to practice along.

Learning the Basic Eft Sequence Points.

Students will know how to perform the 9-Gamut Procedure and will have opportunity to practice it along.

Learning the 9-Gamut Points.

Students will know how to apply  the Full EFT Procedure with 9-Gamut procedure. This is a very important tool while dealing with stressful situations.

Let's practice incorporating the EFT Sequence with the 9-Gamut Sequence

Students will have a chance to practice tapping along while learning more information on the topic.

More Practice.

Students will have a chance to learn and practice how to use the setup statement.

Learn the Setup Statement.

Students will have a chance to practice what they have learned so far while simulating a "silly" re-enactment of a stressful situation. We kept it light because we are not trying to cause anyone an ab-reaction. Please give it a try to the end, by then you will see the point of this and will have a chance to practice and learn more bits and pieces of interesting information.

Re-enacting a stressful situation and working through it. Tap Along Practice.

NB : If you have a fear of boats, water, and dolphins this may not be the right video for you, just a friendly warning, but if you don't please read ahead.In this section students will learn to sit back and relax. If they have pain or even just emotional pain they may now give themselves a break and put their attention on something much more fun.  I had to stop filming my course because an insect bit me and my face ballooned up, puffy and scary looking. The day after it was getting worse so I decided to ask my friend and co-instructor Mark to help me with this problem , on his day off, and I decided to add the video and audio file so you can also take advantage. This will help you relax even if you don't have pain and when we are relaxed we are less prone to attracting low frequency energy, aka negative energy, or in other instances even diseases, because our immune system is allowed to have the resources to work properly. This Lecture is to give you more practice and different chances to relax and enjoy these amazing techniques. You can also download the audio version so you can use it from your phone and wherever. Many times the secret to a happier life is simply  tuning into the energy of harmony and peace you are seeking and distancing oneself from the lower/damaging ones. We have a choice, once we know we have one.

Bonus Practical Induction with Mark. For pain Relief and Relaxation.

This is just a Recap of the session and of all the documents needed, in case you missed one.

Bravo and Recap of the Lectures in Section 1.
+ Expanding on the Techniques and Practice
8 lectures 32:38
Alternatives to the EFT Tapping Procedure

This is a great alternative to tapping on the meridians. Victims of sexual abuse may be triggered by the tapping as it would remind them of the abuse. This is a great way to bypass the issue and it just involves you doing the same thing but instead of tapping you touch and breathe. Easy enough? Watch the video to see this in action.

Touch and Breathe Procedure

Students will learn another alternative way to tap.

Bi-lateral Tapping

Students will learn the importance of Silent Tapping and how to perform it.

Silent Tapping

Ever heard that complaining can actually be turned into something useful with the help of Tapping? Students will learn that in this very important lesson.

Complain and Tap Procedure, aka Rant and Tap

The self-programming continues in this lecture. More Actual exercises and ideas.

Programming oneself to Tapping Continued- Practice

Students will have a chance to review all the material covered in this section.

Bravo and Recap of the Lectures in Section 2
+ MP3s and Videos with Tapping Routines and other Healing Modalities .
1 lecture 03:22

MP3 Resources and Videos.

MP3s and Videos with EFT alone and also with other Modalities including ASMR
+ Helpful Daily Routines to Build Positive Habits
5 lectures 21:26

In this lecture you will learn how to perform Eco-Meditation, a wonderful Free and Online Meditation that is designed to bring you in Heart Coherence, Meaning your heart and mind will work together, as nature intended,  rather as two separate entities.

We use this meditation each morning right after we wake up. This assures that what we do from then on will be an action, rather than a re-action to our sense of survival.

The best way to understand this is by actually trying it for a few days in a row and note down how you feel at the end of each day and after a few days of doing it.

In these kinds of modalities one needs to practice, as knowing it in theory will not actually change anything for anyone.

Happy Gentle Healing.

Dawson Church Amazingly Free Eco-Meditation

Students will learn Tapas Fleming's "Tapas Technique". This is another technique useful in the process of letting go of old hurtful patterns without having to re-live the instances. We should all be grateful this wonderful lady shared this technique free online. We use it daily and we think our students should also learn it and take advantage of its amazing benefits.

Tapas Technique

In this practical lecture, students will have a chance to create their own healing place where they can retire any time they need peace and healing time. Students will learn how to invite their guides, aka counselors..., some call them angels. Many famous people have used a version or another of this technique. We offer different versions so we hope our students will find some that work well for them.

Create your Healing Place Meditation

Students will have a chance to practice some more, because practice makes perfect, they say.

Practice Exercize Tap Along

Students will have a chance to recap all the material covered in this section of the course.

Bravo and Recap of the Lectures in Section 3
+ Surrogate Tapping
4 lectures 23:16

Students will learn different ways to perform another form of Tapping called "Surrogate Tapping". Many resources will be provided to see different Masters in action. Students will in this way learn different styles and surely find at least one they like.

How, When, and Why using Surrogate Tapping

Students will continue practicing Surrogate Tapping and building new habits, replacing the old outdated ones.

Working on Creating New Habits with more Practice on using Surrogate Tapping

Students will learn and practice EFT techniques keeping it in the negative, something many other healing modalities cannot offer. EFT is amazing as it can utilize the negative stuff and achieve positive results. Students will have a chance to practice along and feel the effects of such techniques.

Practice Tap Along staying in the Negative

Students will go over the material studied in this section and prepare for the final part of this very practical course.

Bravo and Recap of the Lectures in Section 4
+ Final Notes and Important Reminders
5 lectures 11:58

Students will read through a hand-out that recaps all the techniques learned in the course.

Quick Recap of all the techniques.

Students will have a chance to experience another great and relaxing hypnotic induction by Mark.

Bonus Hypnosis Relaxing Meditation with Mark.

Students will have an idea of where to go from here, now that they have reached the end of the course. They will know where to go and practice and will be pointed into different directions to explore free sites and information available on this topic so they can keep learning as they please and need.

Where to go from here?
Bonus Section.

Students will receive more information and available sites and more info on the science behind EFT. We like to learn about the science so we like to share it with others too.

Compliments, you Made It, Bonus Lecture.