Gloves-Off Keto Diet for Health & Extraordinary Weight-Loss
3.8 (16 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Gloves-Off Keto Diet for Health & Extraordinary Weight-Loss

Ketogenic is much more than a diet. Feel more confident, have more energy, be more healthy; all without going hungry!
3.8 (16 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
109 students enrolled
Created by Mark Casey
Last updated 12/2017
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What you'll learn
  • Identify what contributes to weight gain, the risks associated with it and know how to prevent it.
  • No experience needed except an open mind and willingness to take action
  • You should be prepared to take a whole new look at your eating and how you relate to food.
  • This course is NOT suitable for vegetarians at the moment. Sorry!

Whether you’ve tried lots of diets before or are just frustrated about being overweight, Mark brings his experience as a therapist and coach to help you get it sorted. Much more than that he speaks from his own personal experience with the challenges of being overweight and shares what he has done to get it under control and keep it long term. He stresses the need for any long-term solution to be simple and easy to follow and provides easy to follow answers to challenges of the future.

In this course Mark teaches about why we’ve lost our way in regards to eating. He also explains some of the main contributors to the mushrooming crisis faced today by obesity, type 2 diabetes and other life threatening conditions related to being overweight. He reveals his own long term struggles with being overweight and why he thinks it’s important to adopt the ketogenic way of eating as a way of life rather than a diet.

Mark believes that the reason for our rapidly expanding waistlines is much more cynical than us simply not getting enough exercise and how the “powers that be” are, far from providing a solution, actually exacerbating the problem. He explains how abandoning the idea of eating real food for ready-prepared processed foods has led us to a situation where being sick will be the norm and where parents will actually be out-living their offspring.

A therapist and coach with over twenty five years’ experience in helping clients achieve their weight-loss and healthy living goals he stresses the need for taking personal responsibility for taking back control of our lives amidst the fog of conflicting trends, dubious information and downright lies.

Discover how you can lose weight easily, quickly, healthily and all without feeling hungry or tired.

  • Understand how what you’ve understood to be healthy has actually been working against you and frustrating your efforts.
  • Challenge the “status quo thinking” when you listen to current medical and dietary advise and become a more informed customer when shopping for food.
  • See the dieting and fitness magazines for what they are and wise up to all their fads.
  • Wake up to the fact that all this obesity and type 2 diabetes disaster is a recent challenge and that the solution isn’t to be found in a powder, pill or gym.
  • Learn how your body is telling you about your weight challenges and how to finally succeed long term.

Contents and Overview

You’ll learn how modern life and eating trends are causing an explosion of obesity, type 2 diabetes and many other related diseases.

You’ll realise that the “powers that be” don’t necessarily have your best interests at heart and how greed, profit and shareholder demands are coming way ahead of your dietary requirements.

You’ll understand how many people, even though they may be severely overweight, are undernourished and indeed malnourished.

Discover why many people, even though they succeed with this diet, just don’t manage to keep to it long term because of the outside influences of the vested interests.

You’ll also discover that knowledge is all and that being wise and discerning can keep you permanently on this way of eating.

You’ll gain confidence with every pound you lose and know what to do to blast through any plateau to maintain your body as a fat burning furnace.

You’ll learn how the information we consume is controlled by only a few corporations and what that means for the state of a free press.

Lastly you’ll have access to a therapist and coach who’s not only helped thousands of clients over the last 25 years but has also gone through the same weight and “losing the fat” challenges that you’re probably experiencing right now. He is successfully maintaining that weight loss, going from a 36 inch waist to 32 waist and finding that even the 32 inch waist is now baggy and loose!

Who this course is for:
  • You want to lose weight, are either overweight, at a risk of diabetes or have type 2 diabetes
  • You're willing to change your eating instead of trying yet just another diet.
Course content
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+ Introduction
7 lectures 15:39

Welcome to a whole new way of eating and a whole new you!

Preview 03:58

In this lecture we address learning by doing. How many self-help books are bought each year only to gather dust as they sit on bookshelves unread? In this case they should be called shelf-help books! All the lessons in this course will join the ranks of those dusty bookcases unless you take personal responsibility for change coupled with massive action.

Preview 02:09
Before continuing please read this.

Obesity and type 2 diabetes have seen a massive increase in the last thirty years. If we are to do anything about it in our own lives we need to understand what the problem is and where it's coming from. Just having a go at yet another diet isn't going to do it.

Preview 01:16

If you're fat call it fat. Accept it and do something about it. We can all go into denial and make excuses and have reasons for where we are. Reasons and excuses are much the same anyway and by putting these both aside we can move to taking action and doing something about our situation.

Let's call it as it is!

A basic guide to ketosis leaving out the technical and scientific jargon.

What is ketosis and why does it work!
+ Motivation and Goals.
3 lectures 12:46

We can get down in the dumps about our situation and very easily get stuck there, long term. Getting angry about our lot can fire us up to take action and get ourselves into gear. When you discover how the powers that be are not only paying lip service to the problem whilst maintaining the status quo then that will get you going. That said, it's up to you to take responsibility for yourself. Whining about it won't do it.

Getting motivated.

It’s easy to feel unmotivated when you’re stuck with being overweight and feeling fat. This course is here to provide you with the motivation to change. But let’s take a look at how motivation works for a moment. There are basically two types of motivation: ‘Away from’ motivation and ‘towards’ motivation. ‘Away from’ motivation gets the ball rolling. ‘Towards motivation’ is the one that gets you to keep going towards your goal, no matter what. Understanding how these work is the key to your success.

What is motivation anyway?

Have you ever set a goal and achieved it? Yes you almost certainly have. So have I.
Have you ever set a goal and not achieved it? Yes so have I.
What was there when you achieved a goal and what was missing when you didn’t achieve it.
With achieving your ideal body weight setting a goal will be key.

Goal Setting. If you don't know where you're going all roads lead there!
+ Ideal food and eating habits - what can we learn from the past.
5 lectures 26:11

When we consider how we evolved as homo sapiens and how we originally found food we come to understand that the answer is not to be found in some new fan-dangled pill, diet or app. The answer is in going back; to choosing how and what we want to eat based on our needs.

Preview 03:29

Let’s for a few minutes take a look at how we’ve changed over the period of evolution and how we haven’t!

We know that our primitive ancestors didn’t have access to supermarkets. Even if they had, they hadn’t yet invented money to trade with. Joking aside we know that our very early ancestors were hunter-gatherers.

A short history of our relationship with food.

There’s a war on out there and most of us can’t even take our eyes away from our mobile phones for five minutes to see it. Just because we can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not going on. It’s not the war on terror; it’s not the war on drugs; it’s not the war against cigarettes and alcohol. For the first time ever our food is being used to poison us instead of nourish us.

There's a war out there and we're being used to destroy ourselves!

There's sugar everywhere when it comes to buying processed foods and drinks in the supermarket. If it's too difficult to work out just leave it on the shelf.

Preview 03:42
Sugar's many names
+ Our life story with food.
3 lectures 10:13
My own story with food. How I got to be where I am today.
Your own story with food. How you got to be where you are today.

The myth and truth about emotional eating. Do our emotions drive our over-eating or is it our carb addiction that's leading us to become emotional.It’s amazing to see the change in people when they shed the pounds. It has an incredible effect on their self-confidence and self-image.  Not only that but it also contributes significantly to their overall health and well-being and gives them the strength to take on whatever other difficulties they may be facing.

What's driving your eating emotionally?
+ Doing the diet - getting your head screwed on the right way round.
7 lectures 29:52

Do you ever ask yourself whether you're hungry or not or are you just following the old routines?

Preview 01:51

There’s so much judgement about obesity from every direction. It’s seen as a lack of character or willpower by the press. The blame is always put on the person who’s obese. When eating gets out of control it’s because your hormones are out of balance, Insulin being the main one, and no amount of willpower is going to overcome that problem until we sort out what’s going wrong there. When this problem is sorted then we have choice but until then it’s out of control.

Be a winner not a loser. How our inner dialogue effects us.
Mindfulness is the buzz word of the day so what’s it all about and what does it have to do with our daily lives and what can it do to help us lose weight and eat better?
Preview 05:21

The most important thing in the first couple of weeks is that you don’t go hungry so eat all you want within the limits of the allowed foods. Weight loss is of no importance in this stage, though you’ll most likely start losing weight anyway.

Eating in the first couple of weeks. Don't go hungry!

The easy guide to foods you can eat on the ketogenic diet. If it's on this list you can eat it. If not then avoid or be careful.

Ketogenic eating on the back of an envelope

Do NOT buy anything that says it’s low-fat. Anything claiming to be low-fat will almost certainly have added sugar in one of its many guises. The low-fat label is in my opinion one of the biggest culprits when it comes to misleading advertising by the food giants. Low fat in a packet will end up as high fat on your belly.

Going shopping. A trip through the supermarket.

You don't need to exercise to lose weight with this way of eating but, as you lose weight, you may want to get moving. Begin with walking. If you rarely or hardly ever walk, begin with ten minutes in one direction and ten minutes to return from where you started off. Make it a daily activity. When you’re walking just be the walking.

You can't out-train a bad diet. Get your body moving.
+ The eating - The food
10 lectures 25:40

The ketogenic way of eating turns a lot of current and accepted thinking on its head. This video explains how you will get your body from being carb dependent into ketosis. Once that's done the pounds will begin to fall.

Introduction to the ketogenic way of eating

Insulin is such an efficient hormone in that it balances our blood sugar levels and stores the excess as fat. All this works very well unless we burn those stores off or if we keep bombarding our already copious stores of fat with even more. Then we either become obese or get type 2 diabetes or both.

Insulin: Friend or Foe

Welcome to eating real food only. Once you stick to within these limits you'll always eat great food and never go hungry.

Foods you need to be eating

It's easier to stick to what you are allowed to eat but if it helps to know the banned list, here it is!

What to eliminate from your diet to go into ketosis.

How will your typical day look when you get going on the ketogenic way of eating?

A typical day in the beginning stages.

Just because you are eating ketogenic doesn't mean the whole family have to. By choosing your own food at mealtimes you can all fit in together.

Are your cupboards full of all sorts of temptations.
The Keto Flu

If you're getting hungry or need more energy, fat coffee may be just the thing. It's also a great way to increase your fat intake.

Fat Coffee

Let me take you by the hand and show you how to get your fats and energy levels up and stave off hunger.

Fat Coffee for Fat Loss!
How do I know I'm in Ketosis?

It's worth checking that you're following the instructions and not adapting it to your old thinking.

Getting it right from the beginning.
2 questions
+ How NOT to lose weight.
6 lectures 12:12

We've all got excuses and reasons for not succeeding. Just put them aside and get on with it!

Do any of these examples ring a bell for you?

It's easy to think there's some magic solution or pill out there that will make it all right. That was the thinking of this lady I met twenty or so years ago. If we want to change we have to make changes and it we want big change then we have to make big changes. It's pretty simple really and we'll be moving on to how to get motivated in the next section.

How not to lose weight - Example 1

No matter how good our intentions are we do need to make the changes. Substituting something seemingly less bad than we previously ate is not what this is about. We need to be clear about what does us good and what is harmful for us. Sure in the future you might have a blow out but then you'll be back to doing the best for you - eating real food.

How not to lose weight - Example 2

Someone came to me not to lose weight but to please her husband and keep the doctor off her back. Denial can work in strange ways and sometimes it just needs the undeniable truth to have strange repercussions.

How not to lose weight - Example 3

Knowing all there is to know about diets and calorie counting is no use at all if you're not going to do something that works. The dieting industry thrives on people like this because they're going to be returning again and again and again.

How not to lose weight - Example 4

With the ketogenic way of eating losing weight is a doddle once you get the hang of it.

Losing weight is a doddle if you do it right.

Ketogenic eating is easy but goes against the grain of lots that you're hearing and reading about. Test yourself here.

The important stuff
2 questions
+ Resources
2 lectures 00:32
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