GitOps with Terraform, AWS, and Spacelift

Deploy AWS Resources with Terraform and Spacelift
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Learn how to convert terraform deployments into modules
learn how to deploy from github with spacelift
learn how to commit your code to github
infrastructure as code
terraform for aws


  • some knowledge of terraform
  • some knowledge of aws
  • some knowledge of github


In this course, you're going to take an existing monolithic Terraform deployment and learn how to convert it to a modular infrastructure. You will split up the networking and compute resources and create modules out of them that will help you create a more efficient deployment that will allow you to reduce the blast radius and manage the security of your resources much easier.

Everything will be deployed automatically from Github using the Spacelift Infrastructure as Code management platform. Everything in this course is in the free-tier and will not cost you any money as long as you don't go outside of the confines of the course.

This course will require a little bit of knowledge of Terraform, AWS, and Github. Although we will walk through every single step, it will still help to have some familiarity. My other courses can help with this if you need it.

So join the course today! You will learn a lot of very useful skills that will help you with your learning journey. You will learn skills that will help you get a job in devOps, get a promotion at the job you already have, create a tech startup, or just learn more skills!

Who this course is for:

  • devops engineers wanting to learn how to deploy their aws resources more efficiently


IoT and Cloud Engineer
Derek Morgan
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Derek has been working in IT for over 10 years with roles in Managed Hosting, Retail, Cloud, Industrial IoT, and Devops Instruction. He enjoys Infrastructure as Code, Raspberry Pi, and Automation. His latest projects have involved developing an Industrial IoT SaaS application on AWS utilizing Kubernetes, Rancher, AWS, and more. He is here to teach these concepts to you!

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