Getting Started with Julia

A Primer to Data Science
Rating: 4.7 out of 5 (5 ratings)
761 students
Getting Started with Julia
Rating: 4.7 out of 5 (5 ratings)
762 students
Julia programming language
Data Analysis Basics
Visualisation Basics


  • Should be familiar with any programming language, it would be better if Python is known to understand the comparison.
  • A basic laptop or desktop, where you can do hands-on


Why learn Julia?

If you are a Python programmer and want to be a 'Data Scientist', though Python is easy to use, the performance is very slow. And you cannot compromise on performance, while working on huge volume of data. So we need a language which is easy to work like Python and can provide performance like C. Julia is the answer to both the questions. So you have landed at the right platform to take a baby step towards high performance programming and scientific computing.

This course mainly focus on how to get started with Julia and cover an introduction to data analysis and visualisation.

1. This course is a compact version of Julia programming language with all the details to start.

2. We have very less theories and more action.

3. Simple explanations are given for different constructs.

4. The lectures are created in step by step fashion and in short format.

5. All the code are available on GitHub.

7. This course is also compiled, keeping in mind that any naive user who are eager to learn Julia as a computing language.

We are going to cover following topics in this course.

  • Introduction to Julia and its installation

  • Getting started with Jupiter notebook

  • Julia basic constructs like number, variable, strings

  • Julia data structures like arrays, tuples, set, dictionary

  • Control structures in Julia

  • Functions and Packages in Julia

  • Vector and matrix operations

  • File Handling

  • Interfacing with Python

  • Data frame and data analysis

  • And plotting different visualisation

Join me in this journey!

Who this course is for:

  • Any student interested in faster programming
  • Aspiring to be a data scientist

Course content

5 sections • 26 lectures • 1h 21m total length
  • Overview
  • Pre-Requisite
  • Why Julia?
  • Installing Julia
  • Hello World with Jupyter Notebook
  • Resources


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Hi! I'm Jayant. I have a degree in Communication Engineering and more than decades of experience in working IT and ITes.

After working over a decades in the IT industries, I learned that whatever the technology changes, still the basics  remains same, like operating system. So I started teaching this in a simplest possible way. I'm passionate about teaching things from basic about different technologies.

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