Getting started with Clean Architecture using .Net Core

Complete guide to build enterprise edition application end to end
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Learn how to create Microservices using .Net Core
Learn how to stitch multiple technologies together
Learn how to implement message queues
Learn how to implement Mediator Pattern
Learn how to implement CQRS Pattern
Lear how how to Containerize your solution
Lear how how to use Application Gateway
Learn how to implement structured Logging
Lear how to handle cross cutting concerns like ELK Stack, Observability etc


  • Basics of C#, .Net Core, Docker


Microservices are a design pattern in which applications are composed of independent modules that communicate with each other within well defined boundaries. This makes it easier to develop, test, and deploy isolated parts of your application.

In this particular section, you will be learning plethora of technologies coming together for the common purpose. This is free course giving you a tour of clean architecture from high level. In this segment, you will be building Microservices module using clean architecture. You will also be implementing CQRS design pattern in order to implement the clean architecture design. Here, you will learn how to apply all the industry best practices together. Here, you will designing all the required layers say API, Application, Infrastructure and Core. While doing so, you will be applying Generic Repository Pattern as well. Once  you are done with this course, then you will be up for Complete Reference of Microservice where in you will be learning all the below topics in detail. I have created separate courses for below topic as each topic in its own is pretty huge and holds importance.  This series is designed using .Net Core 6 and Angular 15.

Complete Reference of Microservice includes below topics:

1. Creating .Net Core Microservices using Clean Architecture

2. Securing Microservices using Identity Server 4

3. Implementing Cross Cutting Concerns

4. Versioning Microservices

5. Building Angular Application for MicroServices

6. Deploying Microservices to Kubernetes and AKS

However, this course includes below topics:

  • Introduction

  • Introduction

  • Layered Vs Domain Centric

  • Hexagonal Architecture

  • Onion Architecture

  • Clean Architecture

  • CQRS Pattern

  • Implementation

  • Project Creation

  • Adding Project References

  • Creating Movie Entity

  • Generic Repository Creation

  • Creating Custom Movie Repository

  • Adding Infrastructure Nuget Packages

  • Adding Movie Context and Seed Data

  • Implementing Base Repository

  • Implementing Movie Repository

  • Adding Nuget Packages Application Project

  • Create Movie Command and Handler

  • Implementing Movie Mapper

  • Implementing Movie Query and Handler

  • Configuring Services in Startup

  • Startup File Configuration changes

  • Program file implementation

  • Controller Creation

  • Demo

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners, Intermediate or even Advanced level candidates who wanted to refine their Microservices knowledge using .Net core and other tons of different technologies


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I also speak at  conferences, web camps, and code camps.

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