Getting Past the Past

Your past doesn't equal your future
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The Past doesn't Equal the future


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Often there are times in our lives where the past events, hit us hard and that is the only thing we can focus on. Then you get stuck in a rut. This course will give you the basics to start your road to recovery for your life. Your life can be full of fulfillment and joy, but it is up to you to make the necessary steps to achieve that.

Who this course is for:

  • People who are struggling with getting past the past traumatic events in their lives

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5 sections5 lectures50m total length
  • Introduction / Getting Past the Past


NLP Practitioner / Certified Life Coach
Adam Henson
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It’s Adam and I just wanted to give you a brief intro about me and why I decided to get into coaching and personal development course creation. The number one reason is you; I have been studying Personal Development for over a decade now and I see so many people not living their life to the potential that they can.

Most of the time is because they don’t know how, they have been caught in the past of the beliefs of their generations, and when you know that you have unlimited potential, you can achieve anything, yes anything, you want.

So a bit about me, I am a Father to 4 beautiful Children, 2 boys that live with me, my daughter who lives with her mom, and one of my children past away many years ago. Which is actually the reason I started my Personal Development Journey.

I worked in many jobs growing up but nothing really gave me the fulfillment and passion like coaching does. So I have been focused on this now, to assist people like you make the changes that they want in their lives.