Getting Into Maya 2017

Beginners Guide to Maya 2017
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Get to grips with the Maya interface.
Move around inside the software with confidence
Progress on to more advanced parts of the Maya software and begin making their own amazing content


  • Students will need to have access to a computer capable of running Autodesk's Maya 2017 software. Ideally this will be a PC for the course but the same results can be obtained from using a Mac.
  • Download a 30 day trail from Autodesk's website
  • Download you student copy from the Autodesk student portal


Welcome to Getting into Maya 2017

A course that's designed  to educate students from level 2 and 3 into the world of 3D computer graphics.

We will be using Autodesk's Maya 2017 program and we aim to help bring you up to speed as quickly as possible and  After you have completed this course you should begin to practise making some simple scenes of your own before moving on to the specialised lessons.

At 3D Animation Mentor we know what you will need to do to complete your courses taking our experience of delivering course material from the classroom and putting it at your fingertips.

This course will help you to navigate the software interface, set up new projects, use the viewports and panel windows, get into the objects and how they are made finally helping you to begin organising scene files and preparing for your first 3D content

Who this course is for:

  • If you are new to 3D and are looking for a challenge
  • Students just starting out in Games Design/Animation

Course content

1 section11 lectures1h 0m total length
  • Introduction
  • Navigating Maya 2017 - The Interface and Viewports
  • Using the Maya 2017 Interface
  • Creating a new Maya project structure
  • Saving scene files and file types
  • Viewports inside Maya 2017
  • Creating objects in Maya - A node based system
  • Components of Objects inside Maya 2017
  • Accessing objects in your Maya scene
  • Creating Groups and Parent Child relationships
  • Using the Maya Hotbox and Context menus


Senior mentor
John Stopforth
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I have served the VFX and Games industry for 20+ years, the later part as an educator at FE level in the UK. I want to prepare the next generation for work in the Games and VFX industry by sharing my thoughts and processes I have successfully used as well as introducing new and efficient workflows from other artists.