Get Your Wordpress Website and Hosting Setup in 60 Minutes

2020 Wordpress Starter Course: Launch without learning any coding or programming! Includes how to set up your hosting!
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Rating: 4.8 out of 5 (72 ratings)
5,994 students
32min of on-demand video

Install a Responsive them that looks good on any browser (and mobile)
Understand how to use plugins to expand functionality
How to best configure Wordpress for optimal SEO
Protect your site from Hackers and Spam
Back up your Wordpress site to protect your data
Ability to add, edit and remove unlimited Wordpress pages and posts
Navigate around the Wordpress admin dashboard and know how everything works
Create business or personal website from scratch with any experience


  • A computer (Windows or Mac)
  • A modern browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Safari)
  • Internet access (Doesn't need to be super-quick)
  • NO coding, programming knowledge needed
  • NO Wordpress knowledge needed (we'll tell you everything you need to know)
  • Hosting is sold separately starting at $3.95/month


Wordpress Starter Course - Launch without any coding or programming experience! 

In 2020, it's never been easier to build a website. This course will walk you though the quickest way to get up an running. We walk you screen-by-screen through exactly what it takes to go live. We also cover quite a bit, after you go live, as Bonus material. Our goal is to get your site up as quick as possible, so that you can discover how easy it can be. 

This course walks you though getting your domain (it's okay if you already have one), signing up for the right hosting, and lastly how to easily install and setup your Wordpress site, without any coding necessary.  


About the Course

The goal of this course is to teach anyone, even a complete beginner, how to get going without lots of technical website jargon. After taking this course, you'll have the knowledge you need to go build the site you've been dreaming of for your company, or perhaps start getting clients of your own and doing this for them.

I've been developing websites for over years, and have literally built, launched and sold over 500. I've spent the last decade learning the very best practices and I'm here to share what I have learned.

Why Share All This?

Do you still want to have clients that are paying you to do this? I've helped hundreds of people launch their businesses over the years, my goal now is to try to help people in larger numbers. Instead of getting one client that has the same questions that dozens of people have already wondered about, I want to get on a platform that allows us all to learn and share together. 

Who is this Wordpress Course for?

This course is for anyone that has wanted to get started, but they just aren't sure how. This course is specifically designed for people that have never used Wordpress before. The goal of this course is to simply help you get your site up and give you enough information to start using it. That's it. We will have some Bonus material that introduces you to additional features that you can introduce later, if you would like. 

Why is this Wordpress Course Different?

I have always been a fan of fast moving instructions. I would rather have to pause a few times to keep us, than to listen to an instructor go on and on about their favorite features you might never use.

My goal is to get your site up and running smooth, looking good...and then give you some additional thoughts for where you could head next. But, I'm not going to mention anything you don't need to know, until after your site is live. 

Another BIG difference, is we build our site live online. There is no need to build it locally on your computer and then worry about how to get it online and make sure it's still working. Many of the other courses overly complicate things by having you build the site on your computer...there is no need to do this. This goal is to make the site live anyway, right? (If you're worried about keeping it private, we will show you how you can do this using a free plugin). You can even have a 'coming soon' page that encourages visitors to leave their email so they can be notified when you go live.

Once we take you through the couple steps to get your site up, we will cover some of the basic features that include:

  1. Permalinks. The fancy word for how your page URL is displayed.

  2. Where and how to setup a free custom theme.

  3. The WYSIWYG Editor. What is it good for?

  4. Pages and Posts, and I'll give you a simple way of knowing which one to use on any occasion.

  5. Contact page with contact form, so visitors can reach out.

  6. About us page that includes important info about your business.

  7. We'll discuss the navigation system on your site, and how you can set up customized navigation in the header, sidebar or footer of your site. We'll also talk about internal site linking.

  8. We'll setup your Wordpress security to keep your site safe from Hackers and Spam.

  9. The Media Library, to upload and manage your images, videos, other media you want to share on your website.

  10. Learn how to add, edit and remove users. And learn how to adjust what they are allowed to do.

  11. Favicon. How to set it up to display in your browser.

  12. How to setup optimization plugins to speed up your Wordpress loading times.

  13. How to backup your site, so you can always revert to a saved copy.

Our Guarantee. 

We stand behind everything we've built. If you aren't 100% satisfied, just let me know and I'll make it right. 

By the end of this course, you will have a website that you are truly proud of. In addition, I'll be right along side you to help if you get stuck with anything. Like I said, we'll get started with the things that count and from there we can go as deep as you want. The possibilities of building websites with Wordpress are endless. This awesome open-sourced platform has changed the internet as we know. Become a part of the movement and let you help show the way. See you on the other side. 

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to start their first Wordpress website
  • If you already have Wordpress site, this probably isn't for you.
  • If you already have hosting setup, this probably isn't for you.


Award-Winning Designer, Developer, Instructor and Author.
Jason Haynes
  • 4.8 Instructor Rating
  • 72 Reviews
  • 5,994 Students
  • 1 Course

Award-winning design + developer Jason Haynes wants to change the way we build online. Thanks to innovate platforms, like Wordpress, we are able to build incredible things without the need to learn a bunch of complicated code. 

We've build hundreds of sites for clients over the past 10 years and now we're excited to do it on an ever larger level. It's our goal to make website creation easier and more accessible than ever before.

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