Get to know Pentaho Kettle PDI - Introduction

Great start for you to understand what is PDI
Rating: 4.4 out of 5 (315 ratings)
3,933 students
Get to know Pentaho Kettle PDI - Introduction
Rating: 4.4 out of 5 (315 ratings)
3,933 students
Install PDI
Demo of simple ETL between tables
Connect to data source with PDI
Introduce Sakila case study and goals
PDI environment
demo of simple file to tables
simple null handling


  • Basic SQL knowlege

This course is about the foundation of PDI - Pentaho data integration.

What am I going to get from this introduction?

  • understand PDI environment

  • learn what are jobs and transformations

  • learn basic table input output

  • understand the scope of the large course: "learn ETL with Pentaho kettle PDI "

This is a good overview on the subject,
it is not by any means a full course on the subject, you will need to take another course
to become expert by doing a lot of hands on your self.

Who this course is for:
  • SQL developers
  • ETL developers
  • code developers (Python,PHP...)
  • Automation developers
  • BI developers
  • software project managers
  • anyone who like to understand what is ETL
Course content
7 sections • 22 lectures • 2h 4m total length
  • Welcome to the course
  • Your first ETL example - table to table
  • Your first ETL explained
  • Second ETL explained - file to table
  • Installation Intro
  • Links to download softwares
  • Install PDI
  • Install Java
  • Install MySql
  • Install Dbeaver
  • Install JDBC and connection
  • Install Notepad ++
  • PDI Environment
  • PDI Jobs
  • The Project
  • Dim Date intro
  • table output step
  • DIm film intro
  • Null Handling step
  • Lookup step
  • Main Job
  • Goodbye ?

MBA in the field of IT, Master of ETL
Itamar Steinberg (inflow systems)
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My name is Steinberg itamar,

I am in the field of information technology is for more than 15 years now,
I have a Master's degree (MBA) in information technology is an management.
My BA is also in the area of information technology from the University of Manchester.

During those years I was serving as manager and information technology expert
especially in the field of business intelligence and data integration.
all that time i used Pentaho kettle as the leading Data integration tool.

I started as a developer through team manager of development, head of the application department - responsible for all software, business processes and implementations,
also as project manager, my last role as an employee I was the CIO of the large company.

I was dealing with ERP, CRM business intelligence of course from all aspects of running a business. sales, transportation, customer service, imports, inventory, suppliers and manufacturing.

All of these areas gave me a unique perspective on business processes and how to analyze a company by looking at one large picture – that is the BI.
Of course that in order to combine all of those systems together you'll need data integration.

I have more than eight years working with pentaho kettle.
Six years ago I decided to start my own company - inflow systems and focus myself to business intelligence and data integration.
On those six years I, as CEO, was leading large business intelligence projects.
I hired several employees, very gifted, specific oriented to data integration and business intelligence. We have developed tens of projects from scratch at large companies like Alcatel Lucent (embedded solution), online gaming, binary options (stock market) and traditional businesses like food supplementary and organic food.

Today, I want to give from my knowledge to you because I believe that to share is the right way to go, during my learning phase I was reading a lot of books, struggling with the technology and I think I can make your life easier.