How To Get Things Done Right Away!? Productivity Masterclass
4.7 (22 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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How To Get Things Done Right Away!? Productivity Masterclass

Kill PROCRASTINATION and Get Things Done in Less Time. Learn Top Productivity Hacks, Stop Wasting Time on Distractions.
4.7 (22 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
2,179 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • Practical Tools, Proven Strategies & Real Life Examples
  • KILL Procrastination and Get Important Things Done
  • Learn How To Prioritise in a Smart Way
  • Learn How To Develop More Discipline
  • Learn "out of the box" Productivity Hacks
  • Perform Powerful Exercises to Expand Your Awareness and Productivity
  • Learn How To Create the SYNERGY Effect
  • Learn How Batching Can Revolutionise Your Work Day
  • Learn Top Digital Productivity Hacks
  • Learn Why Saying NO Can Be the Best Thing You Do
  • There is no requirement apart from an open mind:)
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Do you often feel overwhelmed by the number of things you need to do? Do you feel like there is not enough time and you would like to be in 10 different places at once?

The truth is that this happens to everyone, including myself. So... what's the solution? simply work more?


There is a massive difference between being busy for the sake of being busy and actually being productive. You see... you could get yourself busy handling all the small tasks that YOU THINK are important, but in reality wasting time avoiding what is truly critical to your business and personal life.

Typical time management approach is broken. In this course we will delve deep into the topic of productivity and look at things holistically. We will be addressing a variety of topics to help you to get more IMPORTANT things done. 

I will share with you the most powerful productivity tools I've learnt and used while exploring 76 countries, running various business ventures and having a great time in the process.

There is no golden pill, BUT - learning how to adopt a true productivity mindset will certainly help you to get more things done and get closer to your professional and personal goals. If you are up for a challenge and transformational experience, I'll see you on the other side.

Let's stop the madness of "being busy for the sake of being busy". Let's stop overworking ourselves to death doing things that don't really matter. Let's get more productive and get the IMPORTANT things done to have more free time for our friends and families.

Who this course is for:
  • Anybody who struggles with procrastination
  • Anyone who struggles with getting important things done
  • People who get easily overwhelmed
  • Individuals Who Need More Free Time
  • Business owners & entrepreneurs who want to scale
Course content
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+ SMART PRIORITISING. Learn EXACTLY what to focus on for better results
7 lectures 26:56

PROCRASTINATION - this is the word that gives most of us chills.. we hate it, yet, we do it so often. Personally, I don't know anybody who doesn't procrastinate. Even the biggest achievers procrastinate from time to time. It's not necessarily about trying to fully eradicate it, but it's about learning how to recognise it and deal with it. In this video I will share with you what you can do to beat procrastination when you have to do all the things that matter.

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Find out why I created this course and what you can expect. If you are busy feel free to skip this intro lecture.

You can also download the audio version of all the lectures (!:) so you can revisit them while on the go. All the files have been zipped and uploaded to the "downloadable materials" section.

Also, each subsequent video in this course has a downloadable audio file. Enjoy revisiting the lectures "on the go":)

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(the only video made outside of the studio as the original file got corrupted) Pareto Principle (80/20) is one of the most powerful productivity tools. If applied in a smart way, it's gonna revolutionise the way you perceive productivity. 80/20 analysis will make it much easier for you to get the important things done rather than focusing on the minutia. This one principle have changed my life and enabled me to get so much more done. Whenever I start a new business venture I always analyse everything through the 80-20 lens as it helps me to focus on what's truly important. I hope that you will find it extremely valuable as well.

What is 80/20 Principle and WHY it's so important for boosting productivity

It's not enough to simply understand what 80-20 stands for. If you want to attain solid results you need to make effort to implement it into your day to day life. In this video I will give you a very simple, yet powerful exercise that will dramatically change the way you look at your TO DO list. Take some time to implement it and see your productivity skyrocket...

Learn To Prioritise NOW - important productivity tool: 80-20 Principle Exercise

By now, you know how to use the 80-20 principle to enhance your productivity. In this video I will share with you some interesting real life examples. The scenarios I describe may give you some great food for thought. However, feel free to skip this video if you have limited time.

Real life examples of 80-20 applications to get important things done

Learn how you can take 80-20 principle to the next level in order to become a productivity "sniper". Identifying that ONE crucial task is something that all high performers put a lot of emphasis on. Getting a lot of things done feels great, but what's even better is completing activities that can be life changing. In this video we will be talking precisely about that.

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Prioritisation is often very difficult. In this video I will share with you a golden rule that will make prioritising much easier for you. If you apply it I can guarantee you that you will not only get more things done, but you will get the CRUCIAL things done that have the biggest impact on your personal and business life. Many high performers agree that the quality of your life is determined by the amount of discomfort you are willing to embrace and I couldn't agree more.

Prioritisation is Not Easy: Which tasks should be done first?
+ Crucial Productivity Principles Most People Never Consider
7 lectures 29:59

The truth is: it's virtually impossible to be truly productive without having the discipline to do the things we need to do. In this video I will share why I truly believe that discipline equals freedom. This is the concept I learnt from Jocko Willink - the former Navy Seal and bestselling author (Get his books, they are amazing). I hope that this video will give you a nice push to instil even more discipline into your day to day life. This in turn will boost your productivity and make you feel better about yourself.

Discipline Equals Freedom... and Productivity. Lessons learnt from a Navy SEAL

In this video we will discuss the synergy effect and how you can create it by working with the right people. The truth is that the highest achievers never work alone. They are always surrounded by great people and in this video we will go a little bit deeper into this topic.

The Synergy Effect. How 1+1 can equal 11?

I always appreciate your feedback and if you would like me to shoot some BONUS material, please let me know:) I'm here to do my best to support you.

I appreciate your feedback and requests for BONUS videos!:)

Self awareness is true power. When you are fully aware you can recognize when you slack, when you make the wrong choices and... you can STOP yourself, you can consciously adjust your path. In this video I will discuss some of the most important things you need to know about developing awareness and how it will impact your productivity and overall success & happiness.

Awareness and Productivity: Why & How Awareness will help you to get things done

Learn how to stop being busy for the sake of being busy. There is a huge difference between being busy and being productive. In this video I'm talking about the difference.

Get Things Done with the Alternative to being busy for the sake of being busy

Outsourcing is one of those things that most people heard about, but many are afraid of. However, the truth is that you can start outsourcing certain tasks with limited financial resources and actually profit in the process. It's all about HOW you do it and in this video I will share with you some of my best practices.

Outsourcing: everything you need to know to get started and get more things done

In this video I will discuss one of the most important principles in the world of productivity. Do you procrastinate a lot? Do you tend to assign yourself long deadlines and tend to get stressed in the process? You are about to learn why you need to embrace the power of short deadlines to kill procrastination and get important things done.

One of the most important PRODUCTIVITY principles: Parkinson's Law
+ Some of the most powerful productivity strategies, tools and hacks
4 lectures 22:43

"The breakthrough factor" is something very few people ever consider. However, it's something that could literally change your entire life in an instant. Watch this video and think about it in the context of your own life. Ask yourself: how can I use the principle from this video to positively impact my own life?
Hope that you will enjoy it and btw... it's already lecture 14! thanks so much for taking this course seriously and sticking around. I do value your time and effort a lot. Cheers! Jimmy

The "breakthrough factor": know the difference between normal and LIFE CHANGING

Multi tasking is something that can take your dreams to the grave. If you want to create tremendous results you need to force yourself to batch tasks in a smart way. This is the only way to be truly productive and to get important things done.

Batching: what is it and why & how you need to do it to get more things done?

Discipline is something that's very important. However, instead of always relying on your self discipline, you need to set the right systems for success. All productive people developed systems and habits that make it easier for them to be high performers. If you want to get truly important things done and save time in the process YOU NEED the right systems. In this video I will share with you what you can do to make it happen.

Killing Procrastination - Set up smart systems to get more things done

Accountability is one of the most powerful tools you can EVER use. Nothing pushes you to accomplish more than a little bit of (positive) pressure from people you respect. Public accountability however, takes everything to the next level as suddenly to remove the option of failure. Once you commit, deep inside you know that you have to deliver, no matter how much effort it takes. Personally, I'm a big fan of accountability and have used it multiple times on my journey.

Accountability - why & how embracing it will KILL PROCRASTINATION and FEAR
+ Digital Productivity
3 lectures 19:01

This video is very relevant to so many people. Most of us get overwhelmed when doing any type of online work. Personally, I used to struggle with this for a long time, but fortunately I learnt the "kill the tabs" principle. It's simple, yet powerful.

Digital Productivity Simple Hacks: Kill those tabs to maintain sanity. Why &How?

Most of us are addicted to our phones. Your first response may be: "definitely not me", but when you get really honest with yourself, the chances are you spend way too much time on your phone. However, using a phone itself is not a problem, it's all about how we use it. In this video I'm sharing my best practices for optimising your phone for higher performance and getting the truly important things done.

Optimise your Phone: simple "hacks" to optimise your phone for high productivity

In this video I will share with you some of my best hacks for optimizing your email so you have more time and energy to get the truly important things done.

Email Productivity: How to optimise your email for clarity and performance
+ Other Important Principles & New Videos about getting things done
5 lectures 14:05

The title of this video may sound counter-intuitive, but the truth is that saying NO to opportunities can often bring more of them. Understanding this concept will help you to get the truly important things done. Remember - not all tasks are created equal. Some actions are worth way more than others and people who produce a lot of value know how to make the right decisions.

Why learning how to say NO is crucial for getting THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS DONE

There is so much power in simplicity. However, even though the principle from this video is simple, most people fail to use it. Learn how you can upgrade your entire life by using the chunks of free time (that everyone has) in a clever way.

Get Many Things Done by making the most of your chunks of free time. Why & How?

I'm sure that you will agree that often meetings can be a waste of time with no clear result. In this video I will address this issue and how to solve it to regain time and be more productive.

Meetings and Productivity - why meetings can be tricky and what to do about it

You work environment may be more important than you think.

How To Optimise Your Work Environment NOW for better focus and performance

Thank you so much for taking this course, I really appreciate all your time and effort. Make sure that you download the final PDF to get access to additional resources, special bonuses, give aways, tips, first come access to flash sales etc.

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