Get Ready For Kindergarten- Phonics and Letter Recognition

Letter Aa- Free Trial Week
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At the end of the course, students will be able to name all of the letters in the alphabet and know most of the sounds. The student will be able to write most letters, both capital and lower case.


  • Children should know the shapes and colors before starting this course.


I get it. You want your child to succeed. You want to help them by reading to them, talking to them, and exposing them to a literature-rich environment. You want a program that can teach pre-reading skills in a fun, friendly way.

Come into my virtual Pre-K classroom, where I will share with you and your child the exact lessons, books, and worksheets that I have shared with hundreds of happy students and parents, as a teacher! These students are now in prestigious colleges, taking Advanced Placement High School classes and on Honor Rolls around the world.

Let me tell you how this program is going to help you and your child and why I am so excited to share it!

With this free trial- you get one free week of the letter Aa! That's five lessons and a sneak peek of what the rest of the program looks like.

So what exactly will we be covering every week?

This is a 26-week program, covering a letter of the alphabet each week. For every letter, children will learn the name of the letter, how to write the letter, and the sounds the letter makes. These essential pre-reading skills are vital to ensure success in Kindergarten and beyond. The love of reading and ease in doing it will serve your child well into adulthood. Every lesson (5 per week) will include a worksheet that may involve coloring, tracing, writing, cutting, and gluing. Each day there will be additional activities, including crafts, cooking, songs, fingerplays, and books. If you like, you can even sign up for monthly parent/teacher conferences and even weekly, one-on-one tutoring sessions with yours truly!

This is what we will cover:

1. Pre Assessment - See what your child knows so you can introduce things that are unfamiliar or reinforce concepts that you want them to have deeper knowledge of, be able to use this assessment to reflect on how far your child has come after using this course.

2. Letter Aa - both capital and lower-case, short and long sounds

3. Letter Bb - both capital and lower-case

4. Letter Cc - both capital and lower-case, hard and soft sounds

5. Letter Dd - both capital and lower-case

6. Letter Ee - both capital and lower-case, short and long sounds

7. Letter Ff - both capital and lower-case

8. Letter Gg - both capital and lower-case, hard and soft sounds

9. Letter Hh - both capital and lower-case

10. Letter Ii - both capital and lower-case, short and long sounds

11. Letter Jj - both capital and lower-case

12. Letter Kk - both capital and lower-case

13. Letter Ll - both capital and lower-case

14. Letter Mm - both capital and lower-case

15. Letter Nn - both capital and lower-case

16. Letter Oo - both capital and lower-case, short and long sounds

17. Letter Pp - both capital and lower-case

18. Letter Qq - both capital and lower-case

19. Letter Rr - both capital and lower-case

20. Letter Ss - both capital and lower-case

21. Letter Tt - both capital and lower-case

22. Letter Uu - both capital and lower-case, short and long sounds

23. Letter Vv - both capital and lower-case

24. Letter Ww - both capital and lower-case

25. Letter Xx - both capital and lower-case

26. Letter Yy - both capital and lower-case, short and long sounds

27. Letter Zz - both capital and lower-case

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for 4 year olds who are preparing to enter Kindergarten in the next year. This course will be bought by parents who want to help prepare their child for Kindergarten


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Hi, I'm Anna. I am a third-generation teacher - I guess it's in my genes! I taught for 20 years, students ranging from birth to 11 years old. I taught in private, public, and international schools. My favorite grade is Pre-K! I retired last year due to rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia, something else in my genes. :( I was delighted to find Udemy and learn that I could still teach online! So...I'm taking this show on the road! I love interacting with children and their parents. I love sharing the program that I crafted over so many years. I love helping students to love learning!

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