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Fun workout routine you can do at home or away (+ 2 mobility workout + 1 stretching routine)
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Home workout for strength and mobility
Be better shape
Live healthier
Learn and repeat a full workout routine


  • Nothing needed: the workout has a warmup and a cooldown routine too


How much time do you spend, on the average day, SITTING?

  • Do you sit at a desk for work?

  • Are you behind the wheel driving a lot?

  • Do you spend hours simply scrolling or binge watching?

If you’re like most people, more than half of your waking hours are spent parked on a chair or sofa.

Come on, and let's get moving with me!

  • Designed for home, work, or travel workouts with small spaces and no equipment.

  • Geared to ALL AGES & ALL fitness levels – especially those who sit lots through the day and have been in-active. But everyone at all levels will really enjoy all the targeted mobility and joyful movement built into this program.

  • 1 full workout routine + 2 mobility workout + 1 stretch routine

We’re Building STRENGTH Today in our Functional Movement Skills.

Today we’re focusing on the 7 key functional movement skills: Squat. Lunge. Hinge. Push. Pull. Walk. Rotate. These are the movements we use each day. We’re going to focus on each of them – training and getting stronger. No equipment is needed for this strength workout.

Today’s instructions: There are 3 rounds of work today with 3 exercises in each. Do each exercise for 30 seconds – rest as needed – and repeat twice. Then move to the next round.

Who this course is for:

  • Who want to workout at home
  • Get up and move


Award winning personal trainer, holistic nutritionist
Krisztina Rudnay-Peters
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My mission is to empower individuals to adopt sustainable healthy lifestyle habits that begin with small changes in their daily lives. Using a combination of a whole-body approach and scientific research, I share nutrition insights, tips, exercise, fitness and wellness.

Over the past 25 years I’ve worked with and helped transform the bodies of 10’s of thousands of women.

Back in the early days, I didn’t fully understand the principals of shaping the woman’s body.

I started to research isolated glute specific movements, various angles to hit each side of the glutes, a mix of compound movements that could be mixed in for overall leg shaping without over-powering the lower half and different types of cardio that could assist in over-all glute development. This took a few years to really come up with the best of the best exercises, combinations, durations, order of exercises, types of resistance and cardiovascular training types, amounts for lean, fit, but not bulky legs, a round booty, a small waist and fit upper body.

I put this training plan into action not just on my clients, but on myself as well. I had all different ‘start body types’, apple, pear, skinny fat, heavy set, etc.

After some research, I decided to enroll in NASM again to become a Holistic Nutritionist.

This course was a huge eye opener for me.

I combined my knowledge of fitness show prep, Health Sciences and my new love of Holistic Nutrition and became the healthiest I’d ever been!

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