How I Got Famous On Instagram In Just A Few Months!
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How I Got Famous On Instagram In Just A Few Months!

Gain 100's of REAL Instagram Followers A DAY using secrets that celebrities and influencers use to gain MILLIONS of fans
4.2 (983 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
4,374 students enrolled
Created by Rob Level
Last updated 9/2018
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What you'll learn
  • By the end of this course you will know how to set up side Instagram profiles to promote your main Instagram profile. This will get 20,000 eye balls on your profile a week.
  • You will learn how to get 5 times the Instagram comments on every post
  • You will learn how to get 3 times the likes on every Instagram post
  • You will learn how to quadruple your Instagram views on every post
  • A basic understanding of how Instagram works. Not necessary but helps :) I will teach you everything in this course!
  • Good quality content so when you drive 10s of thousands of people to your profile monthly they will actually stick as new fans
  • This is a crazy NEW proven strategy that is very creative. So a good attitude and an open mind to new techniques and ideas to learn is helpful.

BRAND NEW: Entire Instagram Course UPDATED AUGUST 2019. :)

I own a multi million dollar social media marketing agency. We have Fortune 500 clients as well as celebrities, HUGE influencers with millions of followers and more. We use this method and others to help our clients grow extremely fast by getting a lot of eyes on their profiles to grow fast.

I personally gained over 150,000 followers in the last year to over 300,000 Followers now using this method! This course will take you from a beginner to expert in a matter of hours and that is my GUARANTEE!

FULL 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!!! Udemy operates a 30 day full money back guarantee, no questions asked! If you're not happy with this course you can request your money back.

What does this course give you?

  • I show you secret tricks that HUGE Instagram celebs like Alexis Ren (10 Million Followers) Kat Graham (4 Million Followers) are using and PROOF they are using these tricks to grow by thousands of new REAL followers a day.

  • I teach you every single Instagram trick in the book as well as ones you have never seen, heard, or even thought about.

  • I will teach you how to set up 5-100 side Instagram accounts that are running promoting your main Instagram all day everyday to gain you 100s to 1,000s of followers, even when you are sleeping!

  • I teach you how it all works so you can keep your account safe while these profiles are running to promote you.

  • I teach you every single trick in the book for gaining 5 times the Instagram comments

  • Teach you how to triple your likes on every picture you post

  • I teach you how to get quadruple your Instagram views on every video

  • I show you how to make your Instagram bio perfect so people are more likely to follow you when they see your Instagram profile

  • I give you an Introduction to Instagram Marketing Automation and how it works

  • I teach you how to set up all automation software to get the best results and completely avoid any flags from Instagram to keep you safe

  • You will know how to create unlimited accounts to promote your main account by the time this course is done. 

  • Every account you have running results in almost 2,000 people being reached to gain eyeballs on your brand/business. Since I teach you how to create UNLIMITED accounts, you can scale from 5 accounts reaching 10,000 people a day to even creating and operating 100 accounts to reach 200,000 people everyday. No this is not a joke, it's a game, It's not a scam, it's not a fad it is BASIC math. Once you see the videos in this course you will understand the entire process and like I say in the video... your head will explode from the insane realization of what I'm teaching you. Out of the box unique methods.

  • Follow targeted users so your brand grows faster and more efficiently in your niche.

  • NEW: Best settings to get the most followers



"I've bought every single course, Amazon E-book and product I could find on growing an Instagram following and Rob still somehow blew my mind with his out of the box genius tricks and tactics to grow." - Vanessa Robins

"It's hard to find the words to describe everything I learned from him in a 1 hour consultation call. At the beginning of the Skype call Rob said "This is going to blow your mind man" In my head I was thinking, "Yeah, Right..." and by the end of the consultation, my head had exploded 10 times from things I never even thought to do to grow my following."

Ivan Diaz 

"I barely speak English and Rob was able to get these methods across to me like magic. I grew from 3,000 Instagram followers to 20,000 followers on Instagram in less than 4 months."

Ilona Balvas 

Want to gain 100's of real Instagram followers every day? Optimize the power of Instagram Marketing and automate everything you could imagine on Instagram with this course.

You set it up... and just watch your following grow.

Ready to gain Instagram followers, faster and more efficiently than ever? Learn step-by-step how to get 100's of real targeted followers that will actually stick to your account every-single-day.

Join this Instagram Marketing Course with UNLIMITED & LIFETIME access, you will learn how to master tricks that only social media marketing agencies know. Agencies that you would have to pay $3,000+ a month to do for you. They wouldn't even share the tactics, they would just apply them and make you keep coming back so they get paid.

With the tactics in this course, you could even start your Instagram marketing agency or sell these strategies and tricks to your friends who don't know them.

I also deliver everything with passion, charisma and a high energy that will make the course just zoom by. I'm not a boring instructor. I'm a guy who has grown 4 YouTube channels to over 30 MILLION views by releasing over 700 videos total. I talk to people for a living. 

This course also contains a day by day, what to do guide so you don't make any mistakes and grow as fast as possible!


Click the "take this course" button at the top right of this page to unlock Instagram secrets that celebs use to gain 100's of followers a day for your Instagram account.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to grow their Instagram following by thousands of REAL people a month.
  • People who want to grow their brands and get attention to themselves using strategies that only social media marketing agencies know.
Course content
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+ Introduction To This Insane Course
3 lectures 12:10

I'm going to teach you every single little tiny Instagram secret... and then i'm going to teach you how to set up tons of side profiles on Instagram that promote your main Instagram profile all day to gain you 100's to thousands of followers EVERY DAY. 

Why are you excited to teach about your topic?
Because its the secret all of the people famous on instagram are using in order to get more and more famous everyday as you just sit there wondering how the hell someone who ostensibly has no talent has so many followers. That doesn't apply for all of them but... come on. Don't you ever think... If they can do it... I can do... if I only knew how. This course is going to show you how!

Why will students be excited about learning this subject?
Cuz you wanna grow your brand and quit your day job and become someone who inspires and helps people.

How did you become an expert yourself?
I'm a music artist and I had no mom or dad, was in homes.. grew up super poor. When I started releasing music I had to find ways to get my music heard without spending money. So I spent the last 10 years developing a mindset on building a following using out of the box strategies

What sets your course apart from others in the marketplace?
Most of the courses are just regurgitating the same information. The same stuff you can find on YouTube for free.

Other course makers haven't build an actual following. 

Preview 06:23
First let me start with this screen shot I got this morning on 7-2-18 to get you
If You Aren't Gaining Instagram Followers... This Is Why
+ How To Make An Instagram Profile That Make People Want To Follow You!
1 lecture 05:42

In this video I show you step by step how I decided to set up my Instagram bio to gain people's attention and gain more Instagram followers faster.

First let’s look at the followers and following ratio here.
A good rule of thumb is to NEVER let it go over 1,000 people.

Even with 100,000 followers if you are following over 1,000 people it just looks bad. Keep that number as low as you can.

Yes, there is a time where you may potentially be using the secrets I explain later in this article to follow and unfollow people to grow your base a bit, but after you have done that you should keep the number under 1,000 just for first impression purposes on your Instagram bio.

This is a video on How To Make A Good Instagram Bio but if you know me I always go above and beyond so I’ll make sure you understand everything so you can grow your Instagram faster.
If you want more than just Instagram Bio tips and want to see every little smart trick I use check this article out too.

1) Writing Your Good Instagram Bio Headline

The Instagram Bio headline is what people see when you first follow them. Since it is the first thing they see, it needs to entice them or be something that makes them interested enough to check out your profile.

In this case I use a quick outline of what my actual brand is.
By telling people I lost my mom AND my dad but still worked my ass off, when they see how many followers and fans I have, they are much more impressed.

I do this because as soon as people read it, anyone who is conscious of what it actually means immediately thinks about if they didn’t have their mom or dad.

I get people every single day and every single time they add me in person asking me questions about my Instagram Bio headline.
It intrigues people and makes them want to know at least a bit more. Then that is where we explain everything else.

2) My Location For Networking And Meeting New People On Instagram I do this so anyone who wants to work with me knows where I am located. It’s just ‘LA’ so it’s something everyone’s brain immediately processes.

Now, If I made it say something like, Los Angeles, California… that’s too much. LA wraps all that up. Plus LA is a known hub for entertainment industries so it’s also like bragging for the simple fact that LA is my location.

Watch the video for the rest :)

9 Instagram Bio Tips To Gain Instagram Followers Faster
+ Hashtags On Instagram (Hashtag Secrets 99% Of People Don't Know)
1 lecture 03:21

1) don't put the instagram hashtags in the CAPTION, put it as the first comment 

2) using instagram hashtags for growth - use at least 11 everytime you post. THe more you post the more places your picture goes. 

3) Don't keep using the SAME instagram hashtags every time. Use DIFFERENT hashtags often so your profile gets groups of DIFFERENT and NEW users 

4) Pay attention to TRENDING instagram hashtags. When they happen, they happen fast and 1000s of people are looking through them that day. So make a post using that tag once an hour to increase people to your page. 

5) The more you post, the more instagram hashtags you get to use. Post 2 or 3 times a day and you get your pictures spread to more places 

6) TEST Hashtags, I've used make up and other instagram hashtags 
You can always look for the FOLLOW4FOLLOW hashtags and follow those people 

You can find every single hash tag for every industry and niche at

Instagram Hashtags
+ 10 Secrets To Get Likes On Instagram (10 Times Your Instagram Likes!)
1 lecture 08:10

1) Don't like the comments on your photos until you post your NEXT photo, it alerts people to come back to your page, then they see your new picture or video. They already commented on your LAST picture, they are sure to come to your profile and like the new one 

2) when you make ANY post, put your own name in the caption - people are more prone to clicking to your profile through that instead of through clicking your actual name up above. According to sprout social doing this increases interaction by over 50%  
I know this works because this is another reason shout outs do so well for big pages. They mention each other and people at the very least click to the profile to check it out. 

Doing this will increase the chances someone comes to your page, therefore more picture likes

3) like every photo in your feed EVEN IF you normally wouldn't - reciprocation - reminds ppl of you
comment on every photo in your feed if you can - has the same affect as the previous tip 

4) write valuable captions - Don't just say, "HERES THIS PICTURE" - Look at my captions, they are all inspirational and people make comments saying "This is just what I needed today, Thank you" it gives people reason to interact with photos and comment. People can like your photo for the value of the caption even if they don't really like the photo. So you double your chances of getting a like. 
Know human color psychology to increase clicks, pictures with BLUE tints actually get a high like rate so does green and orange. This is because the human brain associates those 3 colors with happiness.

5) Connect your Instagram account to your Twitter and Facebook. This way every time you post, it posts to those as well and reminds your followers to check up on you on Instagram. therefore giving you more Instagram likes 

6) DM at least 10 people a day saying something uplifting - they then go and like a few of your pictures

7) Figure out your perfect posting time, this is when your picture is going to get seen by MOST of your audience. If you post when it's PEAK time for your audience, you may get swept away about 40 photos deep from all the people they follow and they never even get a chance to see your photo or video. So figure that out and increase your likes by upwards of 40%. Morning posts, after lunch posts and after 5PM posts when people are home and on their phone. 

8) Don't post low resolution photos - No one wants to like them, so why would they 

9) Every time you post a picture and post hashtags, go back to your photo, go to the hashtags you just posted, and like 10-20 pictures for each hashtag.
The law of reciprocity here helps you get more likes since you are liking a picture in the same niche. 
If you make this a habit You'll be liking about 150-200 pictures every time you make a post. That is 200 people that will now wonder who just liked their picture and possibly come to your profile and do the same thing 

10 Secrets To Get Likes On Instagram (10 Times Your Instagram Likes!)
+ 8 Hacks For Instagram Video Views On Instagram (5 Times The Views)
1 lecture 04:31

I get anywhere from 25,000 to 100,000 Instagram Video Views. 

This video has my tricks and my other videos at the end of this video will help you grow your following.  

1) Choose a Instagram Video cover that entices people to click

2) Every time you make a new post, screen shot the post, then upload it to your story and put an arrow pointing at your name so people will watch it! 

3) if you get enough views fast enough, you'll actually get boosted to the explore page and gain Instagram Video Views like crazy as well as new instagram followers

4) Which brings me to the create a GROUP tip for Instagram Video Views

5) Immediately tag 5 friends

6) Post your photos on your website, or use your e-mail list to notify people about new posts

7) Link your Instagram to your Facebook and Twitter so every time it post, people can come from those platforms too. This will increase follows as well as Instagram Video Views

8) Trade a instagram story shout out with a friend. 

8 Hacks For Instagram Video Views On Instagram (5 Times The Views)
+ How To Get 50 Instagram Comments Every Post! (5x Comments On Instagram)
1 lecture 06:39

Get Comments On Instagram! (5 Times Your Instagram Comments)

1) Comment back to every person who comments on your posts 
This doubles your comments

2) Every time you make a post that uses hashtags, you get likes from pages that randomly see it in the hashtags.
But then they leave your page, and never come back.

What you want to do, is every time you see someone who liked your photo after you posted, go to their page, like 3 pictures and comment on 1 picture saying something nice. Now they will reciprocate, come back to your page and most likely follow.
If you don't do this, well, they may never come back. Do it while it's fresh in their mind. 

3) Use fill in the blank posts in the captions. It entices people to get involved with the post especially if you can make it funny. "Yesterday I ate _____ and it gave me _____" lol

4) Start your post off with 5 Comments that are all different colored Emojis - it increases attention when it's in the feed 

5) Use calls to actions in your captions, ASK for people to comment 
Use calls to actions in your ACTUAL picture / comment your favorite/like if you/ 

6) *Tell people to CAPTION THIS for a chance to get shouted out * Then you simply caption their photo 

7) Create a group 

8) Jumping back to #1 but a slick trick is that when you respond to some1, ask them a question so they have to respond back AGAIN and it gets a conversation going that other people might join into as well. 

9) write valuable captions - Don't just say, "HERES THIS PICTURE" - Look at my captions, they are all inspirational and people make comments saying "This is just what I needed today, Thank you" it gives people reason to interact with photos and comment 

10) Tag friends ON the photo itself

How To Get 50 Instagram Comments Every Post Video
+ Instagram Shoutouts And How To Get More Instagram Followers From Them
2 lectures 07:39

3 Types Of Instagram Shoutout And How To Get More Instagram Followers

What is a shoutout on Instagram? I have all the details of the types of instagram shoutouts for you today. 

An Instagram Shoutout is a regular occurrence among the bigger instagrammers. 

As you can see here, this girl shouts out someone for about 12 hours, then deletes the video. They probably paid her in this case, But usually I watch her exchange shout outs with people around her following size 

You can also see in her bio you can buy shout outs from her 

There are 3 types of shout outs
1) the timed profile post - which most paid shout outs are 

2) the permanent profile post

3) the instagram story shout out 

These can be paid shout outs, someone liking you and shouting you out or a traded shout out. 

Shout out idea to gain A LOT of followers
Only do this every time you reach a BIG number 1,000, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000 etcetra 

This is so you don't annoy people 

First forewarn your audience that you are having a shout out day, they can get involved if they want but your story will be shout outs all day! 

Do 1 full day of SHOUT OUTs to people

You tell your fans, hey, shout me out, and I'll shout you out. 
YES your feed will be filled with you doing shout outs for the whole day but it's worth 100 people shouting you out to about 1,000 people they have following them. That's potential reach to 100,000 people. 

3 Types Of Instagram Shoutout And How They Work

Today we are talking about instagram shout outs and how to get a instagram shout out from big pages 

Things that have grown me literally thousands of followers in a single day. 

And the thing that grows MOST female pages to where they are. 
If you want to know the 3 types of shout outs there are videos at the end of this video 

As you can see, it's about building a relationship and being persistent. 

You can even DM them and ask them if they would do a 4 hour post up for you. This way it's reasonable and the post gets deleted causing no harm to their page 

You can also simply PAY for shout outs. If you have the money, you will grow. 

If you want to buy shout outs from LEGIT users with but numbers you can use

How To Get A Instagram Shoutout From Big Pages (Gain 3,000 A Day)
+ Additional Helpful Instagram Videos
2 lectures 08:17

5 Smart Instagram Hacks I Created That I've Never Seen Someone Use

I've never seen anyone else talk about these even after studying Instagram videos for extra tricks the last 3 days. 

Do the liking and commenting from your desktop or laptop computer to do it faster. 

Don't like comments when people comment on your picture the day of the post, instead respond to their comment. This doubles your comments. 

Hold on that's not the trick though, the trick is, now that you haven't like their pictures, next time you make a post... go like all of the comments. It puts a notification into the people's feed which will bring them back to your old picture, then back to your profile and back to the new picture to comment once again. 
The process repeats 

Create a FACEBOOK group specifically for liking and sharing each others pictures. Invite friends into it and you all like each others posts every time someone posts. And it's even faster because generally it's done from the browser instead of your phone 

Create a backup profile that promotes your main profile and test pictures on that profile first before you post it on the other profile. You can post your SECONDARY pictures on that profile too and watch it grow 

Do something of the day to incentivize people to WANT TO watch your story everyday which gets them to your profile. I teach people a word everyday. Here's an example

Anytime you're on someone else's picture.... LIKE ALL OF the comments as you read them. Why not? You already there. This notified the person you liked their comment. 

5 Instagram Hacks That I've Never Seen Someone Use But Me
+ The Secret Cheats Celebs Use! This Is What You Came For! The Fame Secret!
2 lectures 13:19

This video will show you the secret method that huge celebs use to grow. I also show you proof of them using the methods and then give you brief understanding of how you can set it up too. The later sections in this course will teach you how to set up all of the profiles properly to get the maximum amount of growth for your Instagram. 

In the next few sections I will also discuss how to properly get the software, set it up and start running it in minutes.

Im going to show you How To Get Famous On Instagram using the tricks that people with MILLIONS of followers use to grow by thousands of followers a day. Im even going to show you proof of people like this using the tricks  

And you can use the tricks to grow your instagram too 
I watched every video on how to get famous on instagram and instagram tips... No one shares this information because they don't know it or they don't want you to know it. 

Not just tips... tricks that million dollar companies use to build profiles to MILLIONS of followers. I was never going to share this but to be honest... we all deserve a chance to grow followers on instagram. So... who uses this tactic? How about these people

Your problem is... you want to learn how to grow your Instagram followers faster... I'm gonna help you with that. I'm Rob Level and this is my 10 Video Instagram Series to help you learn EVERYTHING to grow your fanbase. 

It's hard to know how to get more followers on instagram if you're just coming up. It seems like the bigger people have all the advantages, they can shout for shout, they have money to buy shout outs and social media help....I'm going to give you their secret today make sure you watch the whole video so you understand HOW they do it and how you can replicate their formula 

Here is how million dollar marketing companies help people learn how to get more followers on instagram. Let me show you something. See this page? 

You'll notice there are a BUNCH of people with millions of follows on it. These million dollar social media marketing  companies are paid by the models to be set up in TONS of fake profiles that posts the best pictures of the person on the profiles.

Then the social media marketing company automates the profiles through the software I'm going to show you at the end of this video, in order to get peoples attention which results in thousands of new followers a day for the profiles.

Now, why does this work to gain thousands of Instagram followers a day? 
Well because they are pushing literally THOUSANDS of people PER DAY to these profiles. Then people click to the other profiles. 

How can you use this for yourself? EASY.
Heres the step by step guide 

1) Create 4 additional profiles aside from the profile you have right now.  you can have up to 5 on your same phone number so you can create 5 yourself.

2) Name all of the pages your name, then add fans to the end, such as JessicasFans1, JessicaFans2

3) On each of those profiles you put your BEST pictures. YOu then TAG yourself in the caption of the picture and then also ON the picture itself. So anyone who comes to the profile can click over to your main profile when they think "Hmmm, who is this?!" 


5) Now is where the secret comes in. You use the software I provide in the link below. 

Million dollar companies this software to do this same exact method. What you are going to do is you are going to use the 3 user version or 5 user version of this software.

All of your profiles you made have all of your best pictures on it, the software is going to like around 3,000-5,000 pictures a day and follow about 2,500 people total. That is almost 7,500 eye balls on those profiles a day.

When 7,500 people hit those profiles, a percentage will wonder who the person in the pictures is since they are great instagram pictures.
They then click the tags and move to your MAIN profile.

Now from here, they decide whether or not to follow you. If those 750 people hit your profile and decide to follow you, you could be gaining 250-750 follows PER DAY if you profile looks enticing enough to follow.

Check out my video in this playlist for Instagram BIo tricks to make people stick.

 If you are a hot girl, you'll grow twice as fast. If you are an attractive male or have a really cool talent, such as music, you will grow VERY fast.


Preview 12:34
+ How To Set Up Side Accounts To Promote Your Main Profile On Instagram
17 lectures 44:28

In this section I discuss how important it is to brand your profiles because first impressions are everything and when people see your profile they need to be impressed if you want them to like, comment or follow you. It's really common sense! :)

The MASSIVE Power Of Branding Your Profiles - YOU CAN NOT SKIP THIS OR ELSE!
How And Why This Strategy Will Work For You

When an account is first used or hasn't been used in a while, Instagram is looking at it more closely to make sure it's human and not a spam account.

For this reason, the first couple weeks you are running the accounts you need to think how Instagram would think about a new account. Any wrong move could throw up a red flag and you don't want that.

You are on thin ice the first month to 2 months so we need to make baby steps.

But that's okay, this just means after those 2 months your profiles are going to be stronger and can run more and more and more and help you more. It's kind of like you're building up the muscles of the profiles so that they are capable of pushing more for you everyday :)

NOTE: Make sure that when you set up the software it is running during the day and isn't running at night. This makes it look much more human. If it is running 24 hours a day, that is clearly a bot. 

Human Bot Mindset | How To Avoid Your Profiles Getting Deleted

In this video I show you where I get my proxies from as well as discuss why I use these guys as my proxy provider. I have used over 5 of the big name proxy providers and only found myself having issues with keeping Instagram, Twitter, YouTube accounts alive on other services.

Here is the site I HIGHLY Recommend you use.


Because I'm a long time customer they gave me a 20% off coupon for you.



If you want to use one that's a bit cheaper and pretty reliable you can try MPP

Here is a 10% coupon code for them: RobLevel10Off

Proxy Secrets And The Best Place To Get Proxies
Link To The Proxies You Need

The site I HIGHLY Recommend you use.


Because I'm a long time customer they gave me a 20% off coupon for you 



Proof I Use These Proxies Every Month
How To Use Proxies In The Software

UPDATED October 12th 2019 - In this lecture I show you how to add your IP address into SSL Private Proxy so that it gives your home IP access to the proxies. I know, seems confusing huh haha. That's why I made this video really quick. :)

How To Give Your Computer Access To Your New Proxies (PLEASE WATCH)
Making 2 Or More Side Profiles The Right Way

I highly recommend naming them something like this 


Why? Because naming them this makes sure that people see your REAL NAME even if they don't click through to your main profile. This is that brand awareness we talked about. 

It also makes you LOOK more famous because no one knows these are YOUR profiles. They think that these are legit FANS of you.

If it is named something else that's not fan page ish, it might just look like a random page which doesn't have AS MUCH power. 

What Should You Name The Extra Profiles?
What should be in the bio in the side profiles?

Ok so now all of the profiles are made, named, have a bio and look sexy. Now what? 

What Content Are The Promotional Side Profiles Going To Post?
Instagram Design Review
When Should The Profiles Post A Picture?

This covers what the captions should have in them for every Instagram post your side profiles make.

What should the captions of each post be?
Example Of Someone Using My Method + Tips For His Profile