Get in touch with Tricentis Tosca Testsuite

This course guides you through the world of software test and test automation with Tosca. Learn testing with a new tool.
Free tutorial
Rating: 4.2 out of 5 (4,460 ratings)
35,840 students
Get in touch with Tricentis Tosca Testsuite
Free tutorial
Rating: 4.2 out of 5 (4,460 ratings)
35,840 students
You will learn how the software testing process works.
You will know how Tosca Testsuite works in this software process.
You will be able to perform the basic operations in Tosca Testsuite.
You will be able to do simple test automation.


  • You can work with Microsoft Windows
  • Experience in software testing is an asset.
  • There is NO need to know how to code

Would you like to learn how we automate software tests with Tricentis Tosca Testsuite?

In this course we will provide you with

  • about 1 hour of video, along with
  • useful exercises and
  • quizzes.

In order to get the maximum benefit out of this course, we recommend that you practice and repeat the examples shown in the videos.

It will take you about 3 hours to complete the entire course if you go through every single example.

But there is no need to do everything at once since we have divided this course into several sections. Stick to your individual speed of learning and work your way through an entire section once you've started it!

This course requires an installation of Tricentis Tosca Testsuite if you would like to do the exercises as well. Please feel free to watch the videos even without the software.

If you do not yet have a Tosca installation, please visit the Tricentis homepage and request a free trial license. You will then be provided with the installation files and licenses required.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone wanting to become acquainted with Tosca Testsuite
  • People who are interested in software testing
  • Anyone who is curious about test automation
10 sections • 30 lectures • 58m total length
  • Before we start
  • The user interface
  • How to modify windows
  • Use perspectives to keep layouts
  • Discover options, settings and the Tosca Online Help
  • Questions on the user interface
  • The basic test process
  • See how the test process looks like in Tosca
  • Questions on the test process
  • Creating a requirements structure
  • Weighting requirements
  • Questions on requirements management
  • Exercises for you
  • The basics of TestCaseDesign
  • How to put TestCaseDesign to work
  • Combine the right test data using linear expansion
  • Link TestCaseDesign with requirements
  • Exercises for you
  • How to use manual test cases
  • Questions on TestCase-Design and manual test cases
  • Create modules
  • Handle modules like an expert
  • Questions on modules
  • Exercises for you
  • Use ActionModes to determine what should be tested
  • Verify properties with Tosca
  • A brief introduction to table steering
  • The advantage of dynamic values
  • Questions on test cases
  • Exercises for you
  • Put everything into execution lists
  • Link execution lists with requirements
  • Use the scratchbook to build your tests
  • Questions on test execution
  • How to execute manual test cases
  • Questions on manual testing
  • Exercises for you
  • You've mastered the first steps...

  • 4.2 Instructor Rating
  • 4,460 Reviews
  • 35,840 Students
  • 1 Course