Germany 1919-1947

Nazi Germany in a nutshell
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Understand the main reasons as to how Hitler became Chancellor of Germany and subsequently established a dictatorship by 1934
Understand how life for German people changed between 1933 and 1939 with particular reference to the lives of young people, Christians, women, "undesirables" and workers
Understand what life was like during the Second World War in Germany


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Section 1: Have you ever wondered how Adolf Hitler became leader of Germany, then you are about to find out. How did a man who was such a "down and out" in the 1920's become the "Fuhrer" of the German Nation and its people?

Section 2: Hitler and the Nazi's made huge changes to German life. In this unit, you will explore how Hitler effected the life of women, the young, Christians and the Jews.

Section 3: The war started well for Germany but by 1943, the tide had turned. In this unit, you will discover how Hitler lost the war from a position of seeming victory. Furthermore, you will develop an understanding of how life on the homefront in Germany seemed to go from bad to worse for many of its citizens.

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