Basic German - German in situations

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Rating: 3.4 out of 5 (91 ratings)
9,406 students
Basic German - German in situations
Rating: 3.4 out of 5 (91 ratings)
9,406 students
Students will be able to comprehend basic and authentic German in simple situations.
Students will understand main sentences and improve their German Language Skills from there.
Students will be able to follow updates and links via external free online resources.
Students will be able to follow up Youtube sessions of learning German according to their own choice - these are my selected external LINKS - more or less free of charge, if they do not subscribe to external courses.
Students may decide after finishing this taster course if they would like to continue with German.
Hinweis; This is not a traditional Language Course - only a taste of German. In the final parts students will be encourages to move on with their learning of German Online via external resourses of their own choice.


  • Students must be able to use adequate computer skills like research and more.
  • A high level of self motivation is required. Without motivation no successful learning.
  • This course teaches only the basics of German in the beginning, moving beyond means investing at least 2 hours per week or even more. Students can move on at their own pace any time 7/24 hours even for a whole year or more.
  • Students are encouraged to progress via following my BLOG on Wordpress regularly for updates and more LINKS.
  • This course provides a taste of the German language only.

My name is Peter H Bloecker - I have worked as a teacher of German and English for more than 35 years in Germany, Namibia and in Queensland, Australia.

I have retired in July 2015 and am free now to teach online and BLOG - which has always been one of my favourites - I am still learning a lot via Udemy and other platforms like Itunes University and Youtube and resources of my choice. 

This is my second course on this platform.

Once a teacher - always a teacher!

This cost free course was designed for absolute beginners of German: You may use my videos as appetizers and follow my BLOG "Master Your German" online - free online courses including videos and resources you will be navigated through.

Once students have achieved a basic understanding of German and an interest to keep moving on, they may proceed to use my 2nd Udemy course, which requires a minimum of Level B1, however, as most of my instructions are in German and the LINKS and Servers suggested are not easy to digest - taking this course means real work for you, which might take you years!

I wish you good luck and success and do hope, this course meets your expectations. In case not: pls  let me know!

As this is a free course, there will be no certificate for you at the end.

I will be happy to receive your positive feedback.

From Burleigh in QLD


Peter H Bloecker

phb or @peblogger (Twitter)

Pls provide some feedback once you have studied my course - without any positive feedback Udemy will not keep this free online course visible ... thank you again.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to learn German or improve German Language Skills.
  • Students who have started with German, but would like to move on at their own speed. So self - motivation is the key.
  • Students who wish to find out if the German Language is valuable for them.
Course content
4 sections • 27 lectures • 47m total length
  • Introduction
  • ABC in German
  • numbers
  • Pronunciation
  • Dictionary
  • Vocabulary - Wortschatz
  • Vocabulary
    1 question
  • Lecture 6 Grammar
  • Do I have to know grammar?
    1 question
  • First
  • Second
  • Third
  • Fourth
  • Steckbrief 5th
  • Mein Ort 6th
  • Am Strand 7th
  • Abends am Meer 8th
  • Ein Ausflug 9th
  • In Deutschland 10th
  • Im Hinterland 11th
  • My afternoon walk 12th
  • My BLOG Learning German Online
  • Goethe - Institut Munich
  • Deutsche Welle
  • German podcasts
  • Learn German via Youtube
  • Video and film
  • Und zum Schluss ...Wie geht es weiter?
  • German Exercises Online

Language Teacher
Peter Bloecker
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Born in 1949 north of Hamburg, Germany, I have worked as a teacher of English and German for more than 35 years and lived in Kiel, Berlin, Windhoek (Namibia) and Brisbane (QLD, Australia) and last not least in a small town between Hamburg and Berlin until mid 2012. Over the last few years I have published blogs which focus on life skills for adult learners and young students from 18 years on. My blogs are related to education and autonomous learning beyond the classroom. It is my intention to help students training themselves in thinking clearly, writing regularly and improving general life and learning skills to become successful and happy people.

I love reading myself, not only printed literature (books), but also digital publications. My first course on UDEMY is "Master your German" online - which I believe is a masterplan of learning German, my mother tongue. I base my course on an adult learning concept which I introduce in the beginning.

The target group of my course are advanced students of German worldwide - especially young teachers of German.

My experience as the "German Language Adviser for QLD, Australia" (7 years) allows me to draw on many face to face and hands on experience plus feedback from the QLD teachers of  Australia. I was a member of the Goethe - Institut Team in Australia.

My sincere thank you to all my students and clients for their valued feedback between 1998 and 2005.


Peter H Bloecker

Burleigh Waters, QLD

Find my Podcast Business German via Apple Podcasts.