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理解 Gephi 处理的基本过程


  • 它很容易的,有一点耐心可以
  • 熟悉 Excel 和 csv 更好


Gephi 是一款网络分析领域的数据可视化处理软件,开发者对它寄予的希望是:成为 “数据可视化领域的Photoshop” 。

为推动 Gephi 在中文领域的发展,分享实验室  以MOOC模式在  推出了Gephi中文视频教程。Gephi中文教程介绍了Gephi是什么样的软件,提供什么样的功能,各项主要功能的操作方式等等。 

Gephi中文教程采用  CC BY-NC 3.0  版权的协议发布。

关于此 Gephi 中文教程如果您有任何问题或建议,可以通过电子邮件( )与讲者取得联系,也可以在一些社交网络比如推特微博等查找 @ooof 获取他的更多消息。 

Who this course is for:

  • 新闻系学生
  • 工程技术人员
  • 媒体研究者
  • 希望进入数据可视化领域的程序员


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Ooof liu
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Liu Yong is the founder and organizer of Linfen Internet Application Promotion Project .He was appointed the Director of Communication for NGO2.0 China Project and serves as the deputy director of the NGO2.0 Technology Team sponsored by the Project.

He is also one of the earliest bloggers in China. He has worked as a volunteer for CNBlog's annual conventions and was a participant of the Digital Nomad Project for Independent Blog. Between 1998 and 2004, Liu developed several Web applications, some of which resembled the Twitter application.

Liu is a strong believer of Web 2.0. He has set up an independent blog and is an active user of Twitter (@ooof) .

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