GeneXus 16 course - Junior Level

You will easily learn, through different examples, the core of GeneXus in order to start developing your applications
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You will easily learn, through different examples, the core of GeneXus in order to start developing your own applications.


  • For those who don’t have prior programming and database knowledge, reading the material before starting the course is recommended.


Suggested methodology for this course:

Instructor-led: Follow the instructions in the recommendations and suggestions document, which you can download from the download center together with the course materials.

Self-study: Watch each video and try to replicate in GeneXus the demos made by the teacher. Then do the practical exercises corresponding to the topic discussed in the video.

Suggested course duration: 50 hours

Introduction and demo: 1 hour

Theory/Practice: 40 hours

Review of fundamental concepts: 7 hours

Who this course is for:

  • Those who want to start developing applications with GeneXus as quickly as possible.

Course content

17 sections53 lectures8h 24m total length
  • Course dynamic
  • Materials
  • Leveling class (optional)


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GeneXus™ is the best Low-Code Platform that you don't know yet. It's a Software Development Platform that simplifies and automates the tasks of creating and evolving enterprise applications and multi-channel user-experiences. Great Advantages:

- Higher productivity, with automatic maintenance & evolution

- Multi-Experience, we continuously create new code generators

- Agile, incremental approach, with fully functional prototypes

- Easier to learn, one single language to cover all technologies

- Future-proof, we've been around for 30 years, evolving for you

Key Differentiators against the competition:

- No runtime fees, we charge by developer

- Best theoretical framework, which allows us to evolve

- Best coverage in the market: Most technologies, most languages, most markets and industries

- We run on-premise or on the cloud

- Multiple starting points depending on the type of company you work in, with products for Students, Startups, ISVs, Corporate Development, and SAP technologies.

GeneXus uses Artificial Intelligence techniques to create software, enabling truly incremental development of apps, providing a low-code, future-proof development platform for the leading execution platforms and languages, and the most popular DBMS.