B1-Level Self-Directed General English Course

Reach level B1 in English with this engaging and interactive, 25-lesson course.
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Improve reading proficiency from A2 to B1 level.
Improve listening proficiency from A2 to B1 level.
Improve writing proficiency from A2 to B1 level.
Improve speaking proficiency from A2 to B1 level.
Discuss the past (continuous, simple, perfect).
Discuss the present (continuous, simple, perfect).
Discuss the future (simple, continuous).
Use a range of modal verbs.
Use 1st and 2nd conditionals.
Construct compound sentences.
Use reporting verbs.
Write a letter, a dialogue, and other genres.
Understand and report on a series of videos.
Expand vocabulary by 2000+ words.
Understand the differences between US and UK spelling.
Use common idioms.


  • Low-intermediate-level proficiency
  • Access to Google Jamboard, SoundCloud and Kahoot (or similar tools).


Welcome to Learn Ahead's self-directed B1-level General English course!

This is a 25-lesson English course to help you reach B1 level. The philosophy which has guided the creation of this course has been built on the principles that your education should be practical, relevant, engaging and learner-centred. We at Learn Ahead are also passionate about fostering comfort, exploration, innovation and self-discovery through the use of educational technology (EdTech) tools.

Each lesson has a variety of activities based on the following outcomes:

  1. Reading

  2. Writing

  3. Speaking

  4. Listening

  5. Grammar

  6. Vocabulary

  7. Pronunciation

The course includes 25 modules, each with a series of activities to complete. All links and resources are absolutely free. This course will not only help you to improve your English but also your digital literacy and comfort with using educational technology (EdTech) tools. Your enrolment in this course grants you access to the following:

  • A student's manual with the course outline.

  • Instructions for three major assignments.

  • Links to dozens of vocabulary lists and grammar worksheets.

  • Five summative quizzes. One for each unit.

  • Learn Ahead's language learning community with resources and challenges.

This curriculum has been tried and tested by hundreds and teachers with thousands of students via one-to-one and small group-based classes. We at Learn Ahead ask for the following:

  • Try the course (it's free!)

  • Let us know what you like about the course.

  • Let us know what could be improved.

All resources have been developed by the founder of Learn Ahead, Mr. Ryan Newman. We hope that this B1-level course helps you to reach B1-level English and beyond!

Who this course is for:

  • A2-level English students.
  • Low-Intermediate-level English learners.
  • Aspiring immigrants, students and workers who will need English


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Welcome to Learn Ahead - Teach Ahead,

Learn Ahead - Teach Ahead was started by Mr. Ryan Newman in 2024. Our growing team of passionate educators strive to find a balance between effectiveness and efficiency in education. We specialize in the use of EdTech (Educational Technology) with a focus on language learning, academic skill development and professional skill development.

Through our social media channels and our websites, we provide courses, resources and services to help learners take control of and enhance their learning with free and low-cost tech. tools and to assist educators to develop professionally in the online environment. We create, experiment and innovate  in the area of artificial intelligence.

Our learning hub is found at Learn Ahead and our teaching hub is found at Teach Ahead. Both are focused on making education more relevant, practical, engaging and learner-centered while merging AI with human intelligence.

We thank you for your support and hope to see more of you. Happy learning!

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