General Chemistry - Stoichiometry

Everything you need to learn about Stoichiometry and its concepts + Sample Examples to help parcice them in action!
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Atomic & Molecular Mass
How to Compute Molar Mass & Use It
Avogadro's No. & The Mole Concept
Percent Composition & Empirical Formula
Balancing Chemical Equations
Identifying Limiting Reactants
Reaction Yield Concept
Stiochoimetric Calculations


  • This course is very simple and dosen't need much to go on, just a little about the followings: Atom & Molecule Concept & Significant Numbers


Hi !

If you are a....

- High school student trying to keep up with your chemistry class and its many exams,
- University/College student who wants to pass his/her Chem 101 class with an A+,
- Or just someone who is interested in chemistry and wants to expand his/her knowledge of chemical reactions...

Then, on behalf of the AKADEMIA group I (Adib, founder of AKADEMIA and your instructor for this course) welcome you to join our students worldwide!

[ We see a lot of students who are interested in Chemistry, but don't know how to effectively study it and eventually fail their classes and ruin their GPA. Well, we are hear to help you with that! ]

In this course, you will going to learn everything you need about Stoichiometry and its concepts (the list of the items is above). Stoichiometry is an important chapter in any General Chemistry course which determines the relationship between Reactants & Products in a Chemical Reaction. (we will be back with more courses covering other chapters soon!)

After each lecture you're going to practice what you just learned in a step by step example. The examples have been designed for you to learn everything in action! Also, we have tried to come up with examples that cover every style of stoichiometric problems that exist to help with your exams!

By the end, you will have a firm grasp over the concepts and hopefully a mastery at solving any stoichiometric problems. This will give you a full understanding of how chemical reactions work and greatly help you in other chapters of general chemistry as well!

Who this course is for:

  • High school Students
  • First Year Students Of Chemistry & Science Majores
  • First Year Students Of Engineering Majors such as Chemical, Materials, Mechanical &...
  • Medicine, Biology, Nursing & Pharmacuetical Students


  • 4.8 Instructor Rating
  • 34 Reviews
  • 623 Students
  • 1 Course

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