GDPR Hands-On Quick Start for Decision Makers in Business

This is not a heavy theoretical course like other courses; we get you on track so you can get GDPR ready by yourself.
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Get started with GDPR and being close to GDPR compliant or at least know what it takes to become GDPR compliant.


  • Some prior knowledge on using Microsoft Word, might be desirable.
  • You need a computer and Microsoft Word (LibreOffice or OpenOffice will probably work as well).


If you are doing business with people from the European Union, you have to comply with GDPR, which is all about personal integrity, but also the movability of personal data. You can use personal data, but only with the consent of the person owning their personal data. We give som input on how this can help your business.

This is mainly a practical course on GDPR, with exercises, where you are supposed to work with the details of your own business. Although this is not focused on deep technical issues, there are however some theory about GDPR and its implications. There will be an overview about what is required and abut the hefty fines that might follow for a business that do not comply with GDPR. You will in this course start to learn about your GDPR Policies, what personal data, you store. Also you will look att what protection and administrative level you are at and what this implies. You learn a bit about your need for controllers and processors. Finally you will make a list in relation to data protection impact. All these terms will be explained in the course and you will work with it in practical exercises with data from your own business.

Who this course is for:

  • Someone having a business or planning to have a business with interaction with people in European Union, which is affected by GDPR

Course content

5 sections16 lectures1h 4m total length
  • Introduction
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M Sc & Ph D in computer science with >20 years experience
Roger Hult
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Roger Hult has been teaching Computer Science for two decades and have worked on the side with his multi media company for some years. 

Early computer interest
Way back when he still was in junior high, in the beginning of the 1980:s, his uncle who was teaching computer science brought a Swedish personal computer from his high school that Roger could use during the school breaks. On this Luxor ABC 80, Roger learned the fundamentals about BASIC-programming a journey that continued with Commodore 64, with more BASIC- and assembler-programming. 

Further computer knowledge and desire for making music
At this time music came into Roger’s life with a MIDI-interface and Steinberg Pro 16 on the C-64. That made him switch to Atari ST since the same music software (Pro 24 and later Cubase) was available. The switch also encouraged Roger to learn Pascal and C, besides more assembler. Still more than thirty years later he still uses Cubase, both on Windows and OS X. Down the line he also used more programming languages than most people have ever heard about.

Post graduate studies
Rogers Ph D project was in analysis of 3D MR-images of the brain and 3D visualization of desired areas. During his postdoc in Germany he worked on general algorithms for selecting areas in 3D images of different kinds. At about that time Roger was involved in a few traffic accidents which rendered in a whiplash injury. Because of the intense pain that came with working with computers full time, Roger focused on teaching. Fortunately after 10-15 years the symptoms were not so severe anymore and Roger could go back to full time software development. 

The renaissance ideal
As some might have guessed that Roger’s ideal is the renaissance man. So he has studied fencing and martial arts, riding horses, dancing (both modern and renaissance), sailing. He has also been member of a renaissance society for many years and participated in live action roleplaying. On a more scholar level he has studied besides advanced mathematics, physics and computer science, also softer subjects like rethorics, nordic languages and literary science on different universities, just for the fun of it. Likewise he also took university courses in 3D-modelling, 3D-animation, video editing, photography and image processing. Which goes hand in hand with his artistic expression in music and drawing.

Rogers native tongue is Swedish, but he is fluent in both English and German and have studied a few other languages as well. One might consider him a knowledge junkie, since he believes that there is nothing like too much knowledge and learning new subjects is something he would like to pursue indefinitely. Because of this great interest in education he has mastered the art of teaching since he finds great satisfaction in passing on his great knowledge.

Where is he now?
At the moment he is working with machine learning,  mobile apps and IoT, what it is exactly he might tell you sometime in 2019 or 2020 when the product is released. Besides this he is professionally involved in teaching GDPR-strategies, big data and machine learning. On his spare time he focus both on his family and pursuing different entrepreneurial endeavors like online teaching and software development. 

GDPR Business Process Implementer
Torbjörn Mattebo
  • 3.2 Instructor Rating
  • 13 Reviews
  • 1,012 Students
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Torbjörn is an experienced software architect and business process implementer. For 30+ years he has been involved in both small and big IT projects. He is helping companies with contracts, license issues and SaaS agreements. In recent years this has involved several projects focused on GDPR understanding, GDPR staff education, GDPR registries and GDPR implementation.