Gandhian Methods to Sustainable Living and Happiness

A journey towards self-transformation
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Sustainable Living and Happiness
Gandhian Principles to Solve Individual and Global Problems


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A life without stress and anxiety is everyone's dream chased so dearly! Will we ever fulfill this dream for us and our family? Well, that depends on what approach we follow. Friends, Mahatma Gandhi lived an exemplary life wherein he demonstrated real causes of stress. He did not see life in pieces but as an organic entity. So, when we give equal importance to everything, our energy is wisely distributed without causing any imbalance between our inner and outer worlds. In this course, we will explore various aspects of Gandhian life and find out doable things in the times we live in. The goal is to be aware of sustainable living and happiness through tiny changes in our life choices.

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  • Anyone who is willing to make tiny changes to achieve big happiness

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Director, International Center for Applied Gandhian Studies
Vishal V. Bhadani
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Dr. Vishal Bhadani graduated from the first-ever Rural Univesity in India that is based on Gandhian Ideals of education and welfare society. He holds a Ph.D. in English Literature and taught at various state universities in India. He is a curriculum developer, a teacher trainer and an author. He is one of the founders of the International Center of Applied Gandhian Studies that conducts workshops on how to adopt a Gandhian Lifestyle for sustainable living and happiness.