G Suite Setup for Your Business - The Right Way

Learn how to setup G Suite for your domain and secure it with easy to follow step by step HD videos.
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Setup G Suite for your business as per Google's best recommended practices in an easy to follow step by step videos.


  • You do NOT need any special knowledge for this course, I have made it keeping business users in mind, so you can easily follow the step by step videos and simply perform the steps you see to set up your G Suite with Google's best recommended practices.


We use email for most of our professional communication, but usually we don't pay much attention to  ensure this channel is secure.

In this step by step video course, I will show you how to set up G Suite for your business as per Google's best recommended practices.

G Suite is essentially Gmail for business, where you get access to familiar applications like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Google Sites etc but on your own domain and email id, e.g you@yourdomain.com.

Though I will be using Godaddy as my domain registrar to setup my G Suite, however regardless of who is your domain registrar, the instructions would remain same.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is signing up for G Suite and want to set it up for success.
  • Anyone who already use G Suite (Google Apps) but not sure if it was set up correctly.
  • If you already use G Suite and your emails are going to recipients spam folders, you would find last 2-3 videos of this course very helpful to increase your email delivery.

Course content

2 sections11 lectures56m total length
  • Course Overview
  • Purchase a Domain
  • Register Your Domain with G Suite
  • Verify Your Domain Ownership to G Suite (Google)
  • Create Your Users & Groups in G Suite
  • Setup Your Email [The Right Way] for Success
  • Please DO this to avoid being considered as Spammer
  • Avoid hackers pretend to be "you" with this simple step


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I am a G Suite Certified Consultant, In last 7 years, I have learnt lot of things in G Suite (Google Apps) which don’t (and do) work, and I love to share these learnings with community to help you avoid mistakes I did, and get most out of their investment in Google Apps.


Goldy Arora