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Make Colorfull and Deliberate - Modern Gothic Calligraphy [Русские Субтитры]
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How to make Future Gothic Calligraphy
How Retouch photo for Instagram like a Pro


  • Basic Photoshop Skills
  • Watch Free Course: 7 steps to Modern Gothic Calligraphy


How to make Colourful Futuristic Gothic Calligraphy artwork
Deliberate approach + Digital Editing in Photoshop 
[Русские Субтитры]

You'll learn:

Trendy Colourful Gothic Calligraphy
• How to Make 100% Great Artwork
• Mastering Composition

Future Gothic
• Confidence
 in your work and yourself
• Color blending techniques
• Method Showcase from start to finish


• How Hollywood camera operator's build their shot?
• Secret Plugins to make your photo POP
• Moody atmosphere? Not a problem

Who this course is for:

  • Calligraphy Enthousiasts
  • SemiPro Lettering & Type Artists
  • Graffiti & Calligraffiti Artists

Course content

5 sections5 lectures48m total length
  • Part 1: Thumbnail


Lettering Tattoo Artist
Konstantin K
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My name is Konstantin, I specialise on Modern Gothic Calligraphy & Lettering.
In my classes you'll be able to expand your knowledge on this subject, from 
Beginners tips, project showcases for Intermediate level student's to in-depth researches for Artists with Advanced knowledge and skill. 

Most interesting and high-priced classes were developed in course of 3 years of studying and researching this theme.
Insights that I'll share with you - have a great potential to reframe, expand and gear up your Game to more Conscious, Deep and Professional level from which you'll be able to produce original, sophisticated and more satisfying results.