Fundamentals of Research

Learn the basics of Research
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Learn what is research
Explore various methodologies in research
Fundamental concepts about data
Understand how data is analysed


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In this FREE and short course you will learn all the fundamental aspects of research. HotCubator Academy is an Australian e-learning platform that is offering tailored knowledge in the areas of research, evaluation, data and many more.

If you are you an aspiring research student, or a research professional this course can give you a primary knowledge about research. Studies show that more than ever before the world needs more researchers both in academia and industries. It is obvious that we all have entered into a new era, eg. new normal in the post-pandemic world which prompts increased amount of predictability and analysis of the future. The importance of knowledge has become paramount and skills to analyse, experiment and research is considered as most competitive skill in the very dynamic environment. Therefore, an understanding about the fundamental process of research will give you a competitive advantage in the professional world. And not everyone has the patience and capacity to get into a lengthy commitment of pursuing a research degree. So there is no reason, not to do this absolutely FREE and insightful course. 

While doing this course, you will also get access to HotCubator research blog which has many more research articles, videos and other resources that can equip you as a veteran researcher.

If you want a flavour of the full version course, check HotCubator Academy page on how to do a Research Degree Quick and Easy. 


Dr. Sayem Hossain

HotCubator Academy

Sydney, Australia.

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Hi there,

Thanks for landing on my courses. I am a humble hustler who loves to spread knowledge driven by intrinsic motivation! Being a life long learner, I strive to learn and help others to learn new craft and skills. 

With a career spanning over 17 years in higher education, private and more recently in public sector - I gathered experience in a wide range of areas eg. Business Development, Strategy, Research and Evaluation. As an academic, I have widely taught courses on Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Creativity, Marketing and the list goes on (except Rocket Science). When I get bored with my 9 to 5 job, I like to impart my knowledge and inspire people through various media. I took a humble step with my own consultancy business HotCubator which now serves both national and international clients in various projects in Educational Curriculum development, Evaluation and skill development.

I hope to create value through developing useful courses and insightful knowledge. So every course that you buy, all the money is donated to charitable causes (education for under privileged, women empowerment) in South-east Asian countries.

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