Module 1 : Introduction to Piping Engineering in Oil and Gas

Introduction (1/7) - Fundamentals of Process Piping Engineering in Oil and Gas
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understand the vital role of piping and piping networks in engineering industry
Be familiar with Roles and Responsibilities of Piping Engineer
Understand Organization hierarchy for Piping Teams in Engineering Consultants and Construction Companies
Understand Project Life cycle from Concept till Client Handover


  • Just a PC/Mobile and Headset


This is an introduction lecture for the Fundamental of Process Piping Engineering Program

The Program is composed of 7 modules covering Piping engineering in all project phases ( Engineering - Procurement - Construction - O&M) 

Module 1: Introduction (This Course) 

Module 2: Pipes and Piping Components 

Module 3: Engineering and Design for Piping Systems 

Module 4: Procurement Activities for Piping Systems 

Module 5: Construction Activities  for Piping Systems 

Module 6 : Testing, Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning of Piping system 

Module 7: Operation and Maintenance of Piping System 

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is interested in Piping Engineering in all industry sectors
  • undergraduate and Fresh Graduated Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers , Chemical Engineers and Petroleum Engineers
  • Engineers who are seeking a career change and need to enrich their knowledge about Piping Engineering

Course content

1 section6 lectures33m total length
  • Introduction and Program Components
  • Importance of Piping Networks in Engineering Field
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Piping Engineer
  • Disciplines who require basic understanding of Piping Networks
  • Project Life Cycle in General
  • Piping Departments Hierarchy in Various Organizations


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