Fundamentals of Mentoring

Introduction to Mentoring
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What mentoring is and What mentors do?
Why mentoring is important
Why mentoring works and what the benefits are of mentoring
The hallmarks of a good mentor


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This is an introductory course where we will discuss What mentoring is, What mentors do and Why Mentoring works. Deciding to become a mentor may be easy for some but not so easy for others. So if you want to know whether mentoring is something you should consider in this course we cover some of the reasons mentoring remains one of the most effective and efficient mechanisms of skills and knowledge transfer and some of the characteristics you need to have if you are considering mentorship.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is considering becoming a mentor
  • Anyone who has been asked to be a Mentor and wants to know more
  • Anyone who is looking for a mentor and whats to know what to expect from a Mentor

Course content

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  • Introduction


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Have you thought about becoming a mentor? If you have then this is just the course that could convince you.