Fundamentals of Intelligent Sustainable Business
4.0 (32 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
110 students enrolled

Fundamentals of Intelligent Sustainable Business

A 100-year guide for sustainable business evolution
4.0 (32 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
110 students enrolled
Created by Matthew Tueth
Last updated 9/2015
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What you'll learn
  • Understand the many hidden negative results of conventional business in terms of both energy and materials processing
  • Re-imagine a system of profitable businesses delivering the goods and services we need with none of the hidden negatives that we do not want
  • Understand the essential requirements for profitable, durable, and healthy businesses that consistently support their entire community thru time
  • Draw insight from the most successful design consultant available and use that insight during the redesign of business process
  • Develop effective and accurate systems that measure sustainable business progress within organizations over time
  • Identify deceptive marketing techniques of impostor organizations that pose as legitimate practitioners of sustainable business
  • Any casual knowledge of business management, accounting, finance, and marketing will enhance the learning experience
  • Any casual knowledge of natural world processes such as nutrient cycling or the interactions among species will enhance the learning experience
  • Occasionally the instructor will suggest supplemental readings that will be appropriate either during or after the course experience

This course outlines the hidden problems of business, discusses a revolutionary redesign for continuously profitable, healthy, durable, and community-supporting commerce, and then prepares the student to direct intelligent reform inside existing organizations. 24 focused learning sessions engage a wide variety of topics fundamental to potent sustainable business such as the myth of today's recycling systems and the misrepresentation of climate change by both sides of the debate. No business issue is beyond scrutiny and all conclusions are solidly supported. You will intuitively appreciate this brilliant new approach to business as well as the professional opportunities that await knowledgeable, creative, out-of-the-box thinkers and leaders in a variety of business sectors. During our time together, you will improve your ability to apply paradigm-changing business practices in a variety of business settings. In the end, you will have acquired an intensely positive professional vision and actionable competency that will prove more and more valuable as you move through your professional career.

Who this course is for:
  • This course is best suited for open-minded students who are aware of at least some problems of business and are looking for a clear and practical solution to this dilemma
  • This course will satisfy sustainable business participants who are want to learn the most potent version of this revolutionary movement
  • This course is perfect for business professionals who are looking for the ability to direct the most sensible pathway to potent sustainable business
  • This course is not a good fit for those expecting a rehash of currently popular but impotent versions of sustainable business
  • This course does not provide techniques to disengenuously market existing organizations as reputable sustainable businesses
Course content
Expand all 24 lectures 03:56:30
+ The Serious Problems of Business
9 lectures 01:28:09

This lecture introduces the instructor and summaries the course content and the outcomes the student can expect from taking this course. A description of the type of student who is best matched with this course is also included.

Preview 09:57

Students will become familiar with a number of vital benefits for humans provided solely by a healthy natural world business community. They will begin to understand some of the differences and failures of common human business practices when compared to natural world business systems.

Preview 06:17

Students will learn how human industrial processes routinely operate quite differently that all other business done on the planet. We will discuss fugitive persistent toxins and how these dangerous materials end up in the food we eat, water we drink, and air we breath. Students will also understand the nature of these toxins and how only a few molecules of the substances often are responsible for initiating the cancer process or other serious health effects inside our bodies.

How the world works.....except for humans

Rarely does the price you pay for something equal its cost. This lecture explains how we routinely pay a portion of other people's bills and how much of the cost of what we purchase is paid by others as well. This process of cost externalization constantly influences our purchasing patterns, overall health, and quality of life.

Cost externalization - Spreading the pain and not the gain

Chemicals that cause birth defects, organ failures, and cancer are tasteless, odorless, and invisible. This lecture describes the major types of persistent toxins and how they needlessly get into the air, water, and food and how they degrade the quality of our lives.

Persistent toxins - powerful and insidious

Students will understand the major advantages and disadvantages of the major fossil fuels technology from a business and personal perspective.

Crude oil, coal, and natural gas - painted into an energy corner

Students will understand how nuclear power plants work as well as the advantages and disadvantages of fission nuclear power from a business and personal prospective.

Nuclear power.....a safe 93 million miles away

Students will become familiar with the natural global climate change process as well as the likelihood that humankind influences future global climate. Timely human actions that would significantly reduce the risk of man further affecting climate change are considered particularly because of their numerous positive secondary effects.

Climate change sensibility

Students will come to understand the vital role of food production and the myriad of negatives associated with our current petroleum-based, mechanized agricultural system. They will realize the importance a healthy and fecunt food supply plays for each of our own lives and for incalculable generations to come.

Our declining food systems
+ Solutions for Systemic Failures
8 lectures 01:17:23

Students will learn that putting out the recycling bins, improving energy efficiency, and erecting a LEED certified building will not remedy our serious endemic problems in business. As the name of the lecture states, we will now begin to redesign business from the ground up with the intention of putting a profitable, durable, healthy, nurishing, and beautiful provisioning system across the planet.

Wiping the Slate Clean

Students will begin to appreciate the opportunity biomimicry offers in our massive redesign of business. Recognizing the value of consciously emulating nature's proven provisioning characteristics into human endeavor, students will be inspired to think unconventionally about the specifics of truly effective nature-based technology and processes.

Our Extraordinary Design Consultant

Students will learn about a new twist on an older concept of the triple bottom-line. Helping guide the evolution of a simultaneous production of three distinct kinds of value, this front-end design tool will be discussed along with examples of TTL value production in newly conceptualized day-to-day business process.

Our Extraordinary Design Tool

One of the most ignored and serious problems of business is material processing. Students will come to understand a revolutionary plan for all manufacturing materials used that will save money, eliminate fugitive material processing toxins, improve soil fertility, and relieve the shortage of certain key trace metals.

Getting the Material Side Right

With all the information available on energy from a variety of sources, this lecture sets a clear and intelligent direction for energy technologies to follow. Energy strategies that give us the greatest prospect for solving our energy situation are discussed.

Energy Intelligence

The contributions of locally owned and operated businesses toward a sustainable business sector is introduced. Students will understand four major inherent advantages of local-based economies for the sustainable business movement.

Local-Based Businesses and Economies

Develop effective and accurate systems that measure sustainable business progress over time within a variety of organizations.

TTL Process Evaluation & Continuous Improvement

We will discuss today's deeply ingrained political policy systems that do not interface well with SB evolution and the appropriate supporting role government plays for the private sector and sustainable business reform.

The Role of Government in Sustainable Business
+ Two Generations of Progress: Imagine Your World
3 lectures 36:53

The format of this lecture is different from the previous 17. Students are asked to imagine life in the U.S. after 40-50 years of meaningful sustainable business work and progress and are guided through the process. In this first of three transformational exercises, students are asked to imagine life inside their sustainably designed homes of the future.

Healthy, Beautiful, and Affordable Homes

In this second of three similar formats, students are asked to imagine sustainable transportation strategies 40-50 years into the future. Then students are guided through a typical sustainable restaurant dining experience.

Healthy, Beautiful, and Enjoyable Transportation and Dining

In this third and final lecture of this section, students will experience (through their guided imagination) what it will be like to work at a sustainable company of the future. This exercise pulls together a wide variety of previously discussed ideas and concepts and vividly fills a number of gaps in the students' understanding of the essence of sustainable business.

Healthy, Beautiful, and Diverse Workplaces
+ Obstacles to Intelligent Sustainable Business
2 lectures 17:21

Students will learn about three serious challenges to intelligent business reform and suggestions for overcoming the ever-present obstacles.

Ignorance, selfishness, aversion to risk, and the cost

Students will come to understand how to identify the darker side of the sustainable business movement and how to dismantle the sails of the SB movement pretenders and deceivers.

Five Types of TTL Value Fraud
+ Agents of Change for Intelligent Sustainable Business
2 lectures 16:45

You will walk through a sound process for directing and managing the incremental evolution of a conventional business to a sustainable company. You will be able to use this approach inside any type of organization: small/large, for-profit/non-profit, manufacturing, service, or even government agency.

Directing the Evolution of a Sustainable Business

We will tie together the major intelligent components of the sustainable business revolution and summarize the transformational opportunities that are possible for all life on Earth for all time.

Sustainable Business and Our Legacy