Fundamentals of Data Visualization in Tableau

Learn How to Work with One of the Most Popular Data Visualization Softwares In the World
Rating: 4.3 out of 5 (1,716 ratings)
7,326 students
Fundamentals of Data Visualization in Tableau
Rating: 4.3 out of 5 (1,716 ratings)
7,326 students
Students will be able to work in Tableau
Create dashboards
Create Tableau stories
Add interactive filters


  • No previous knowledge is required. We will start from the very basics
  • You will have to download Tableau Public. We will show you how

Welcome to our Tableau training!

Tableau is without a doubt the most popular data visualization tool in the world. It is essential for anyone who works in the field of BI and data science. Moreover, its popularity continues to increase, and it is likely you will need to learn Tableau in the future.

This is a private course available to 365 Careers students only.

If you have been invited this means that you are part of our community of students who have earned the course. Thank you for choosing to learn with us and for enjoying our courses!

Who this course is for:
  • People interested in learning how to work with Tableau
  • Professionals who want to be able to tell a meaningful story using charts
  • Anyone working in the field of BI and data science
Course content
3 sections • 24 lectures • 1h 33m total length
  • Why Use Tableau: Make Your Data Make an Impact
  • Let's Download Tableau Public
  • Connecting Data in Tableau
  • Exploring Tableau's Interface
  • Let's Create our first Chart in Tableau!
  • Duplicating a Sheet
  • Creating a Table
  • Creating Custom Fields
  • Creating a Custom Field and Adding Calculations to a Table
  • Adding Totals and Subtotals
  • Adding a Custom Calculation
  • Inserting a Filter
  • Working with Joins in Tableau
  • Introduction to the Exercise
  • Let's Create a Dashboard - Visualizing the Three Charts We Want to Create
  • Using Joins in Tableau
  • Performing a Numbers Check - Attempt #1
  • Blending Data in Tableau
  • Performing a Numbers Check - Attempt #2
  • First Chart
  • Second chart
  • Third Chart
  • Creating and Formatting a Dashboard
  • Adding Interactive Filters for Improved Analysis

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