Fundamentals of Deductive Reasoning - Mathematics

Understanding Mathematical Logic, Proofs and Logical Operations
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Mathematical Statements
Operations on Statements such as "and", "or", contrapositive, Implications, Biconditionals, Converse, etc.
Validating Statements (Identifying Whether a Statement is True or False)


  • The student must understand basic mathematics all the way up to and including class 11 (Indian Educational System).


In this course, you will learn how to work with mathematical statements, do different operations on them and identify whether they are true or false. We will also talk a little bit about proofs in mathematics here.

This course does not assume much basics so you might "probably" be able to understand the contents of the course if you know basic high school mathematics. However, we are assuming that you know mathematics all the way up to class 11 high school based on the Indian educational system. If you have not gone to school in India and still want to take the course, it is recommended to take a look at our road map in which, all the necessary information regarding your assumed knowledge can be found.

To access the road map, please search for "greatitcourses" on the Internet. Once you get to the website, please read the page titled as, "Mathematics 6-12 Standard".

To locate this particular course in the road map, you can find it under "class 11" with the title, "Mathematical Reasoning".

Thank you!

Who this course is for:

  • High School Students who are looking to understand basic mathematics in order to use it in higher mathematics, science or engineering


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At Great IT Courses, you can follow a simple but effective system to learn mathematics. By following our road map, you'll be taken through all the ups and downs of mathematics starting from the basics (class 6) all the way through calculus (class 12).

Wherever you get stuck, we will assist you so that you can keep moving and finish the road map.

With us, you will learn how to reason your way through mathematics logically and not just memorize some formulas.

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