Fundamental Human Resources Management Lectures Series

Management, Human Resources, Manpower Planning, Performance Management, Change Management
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Student will learn about the role of HR in the organization based on the current knowledge
Student will learn about three HR main functions which are employee acquisition, employee management, and employee optimization


  • Students understand the basics of management


Human Resources Function has been evolved. The current challenges such as globalization, diversity, multigeneration at workforce, has force HR to change the paradigm. Human Resources can no longer be a supporting function. Human resources should strategically lead the company to ensure company is one step ahead of competition.

In order to be relevant with the current needs, Human Resources Management is a basic course for management students. For non-management students, this course is also beneficial. HRM Lecture Series will provide you with the role of HR in the organization based on the current knowledge. This course will provide participants with three HR main functions which are employee acquisition – how to calculate the needs of the employees in the future and how to conduct effective interview; employee management – training and development and how to provide safety and health for the employee; and employee optimization – performance management and career development.

The content of the course consists of 10 videos which will explain the fundamental function of Human Resources Management. It consists of sessions:

  1. Fundamental of HR

  2. Manpower Planning

  3. Interview

  4. Training and Development

  5. Compensation and Benefit

  6. Performance Management

  7. Career Management

  8. Change Management

  9. Leadership

  10. Occupational Health and Safety

After completing this course, students can understanding and can applied about the Fundamental of Human Resource Management, Manpower Planning, Training and Development; and Understanding and can applied about Performance Management, Change Management.

Who this course is for:

  • Student who want to learn Fundamental Human Resources Management

Course content

2 sections10 lectures1h 7m total length
  • Fundamental of Human Resource Management
  • Manpower Planning
  • Interview
  • Training and Development
  • Compensation and Benefit
  • Performance Management
  • Introduction, Review the Concept, Method and Conclusion
    6 questions


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