Fundamental Analysis for Cryptocurrency Trading

A method better than Technical Analysis to value cryptocurrencies.
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Understanding the two broad valuation methods used to determine an Asset's price
Understanding the Discounted Cash Flow Model
Understanding Interest rates and Growth rates
Applying Fundamental Trading Strategies to cryptocurrencies


  • No prior trading experience is needed



Hi everyone, in these videos we will look at fundamental analysis techniques to determine the value of a cryptocurrency. I spent 8 years studying Actuarial Science which includes various asset valuation methods and I’ve been playing with crypto since 2014, I’ve actually just had my 1 year work anniversary at Polygon, an Ethereum Scaling solution. So hopefully I have enough education and experience to speak on this topic but as always — big disclaimer, this isn’t financial advice, always consult a Qualified Financial Planner before you make any investment decisions. A good planner will analyse your liabilities and look at how to match them. Thus what is a good investment for me might not necessarily be a good investment for you.


  1. Introduction - Getting started on the Bybit Exchange

  2. Valuation Methods - Technical vs Fundamental Analysis

  3. Discounted Cashflow Model - A formula for determining value

  4. Interest Rates - The fundamental factors that determine them

  5. Growth Rates - The fundamental factors that determine them

  6. Fundamental Trading Strategies - When to open and close your Long/Short exposure

  7. Demonstration - How to open positions on the Bybit Exchange


Complete the course and request access to a telegram group with other fundamental traders to share insights, ask questions and have discussions on price movements.


"Every asset that is listed has a price, the price however could be different from its value. If price is greater than value then one should consider selling it. If price is less than value then one should consider buying it. So the big question to ask is how to determine value? There are two main techniques — Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis. Technical Analysis uses the price history of an asset to determine the value, it is backward looking and it focuses on the past. Fundamental Analysis considers the current factors surrounding an asset and how they will progress to determine value, it is forward looking and focuses on the future."

Who this course is for:

  • Cryptocurrency traders


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Hi I'm MJ the Fellow Actuary. I've been making educational videos since 2013 on YouTube. I've passed all the actuarial exams and am here to help you do the same. I've majored in Mathematical Statistics and have published research in the South African Journal of Science on Artificial Intelligence. I've also done a Ted Talk on advanced studying methods. As your instructor my purpose is to make sure you understand every concept in these courses. If you get stuck with anything, send me a message, I'm here to help.

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