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Biginner's level Fun Bollywood Dance workout
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Bollywood dance moves


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If you love dancing on the tunes of powerful, exciting Bollywood music then you are at the right place. If you like to have some light workout and like dance and music, then this is the fun Bollywood dance workout course for you.

This course has 3 sessions with 3 different themes.

1. Bangda Theme: This is a volk dance form from north of India specially from Punjab region. It has very powerful music and so lot of jumping and powerful steps.

2. Garaba Theme: This is another volk dance form in India danced specially during a specific festival .

3. Basic Bollywood dance moves

Before starting each session, I recommend you do some warm-up exercises.

You can repeat each session as many times as you like to get more workout.

In each session first you will see me showing you the basic beginner's level steps as per the session theme. Then we will use those steps plus some more steps and dance and do our workout with music. There are 2 different music pieces, and we will use the same moves in both dances. After this you can repeat this for at least 1 more time on your own and then we will do some cool down.

This is a free course. And I am sure you all will enjoy it. This is a very basic and easy beginner’s level course.

Who this course is for:

  • everyone interested to have fun workout with dance moves


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I love dancing and i am also Bharatnatyam dancer (south indian classical dance form)

During lockdown in 2020 I started live instagram bollywood dance workouts for meetup group in germany and it was loved by many memebrs. That gave me idea of creating a short course for fun bollywood dance workout for Udemy. And this is what I managed to do finally in 2021.

I hope it will reach to many more people than just my meetup group and people will enjoy it.