Fry Scream, False Chord Growl/ Scream, Distortion - BASICS

How to begin adventure with screaming, growling and singing distortion in a healthy and effective way.
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Introduction to the topic of extreme vocal techniques
Basic knowledge about extreme vocal techniques
The Proper Breathing Technique
The Breath Support
Basic Fry Scream
Basic False Chord Growl/ Scream
Basic Distorion For Singing
Foundations For Healthy And Effective Vocal Technique
Vocal Hygiene


  • Motivation and patience for practice
  • Some water


This course is only a INTRODUCTION to the EXTREME VOCALS topic.

It is perfect if you are a beginner and you look for safe and effective ways of how to begin your adventure with screaming and other extreme vocal techniques.

If you need more detailed explanations and more exercises for techniques like fry scream, false cord growl/ scream or singing with distortion, check out a newer and more advanced extreme vocals course that has been recently created - The Ultimate Extreme Vocals Course!

ULTIMATE EXTREME VOCALS COURSE consists of 5,5 hours of totally new materials packed with new exercises, examples and deeper explanations of the most of extreme vocal techniques – FRY SCREAM, FALSE CHORD, GROWL, HIGH PITCHED SCREAM, GUTTURALS, OLD SCHOOL GROWL, SINGING WITH THE DISTORTION and even stuff like PIG SQUEAL.

I created a course that I was looking for as a beginner when I started my vocal adventure but struggled with getting confirmed, valuable and effective methods to develop my voice each day.

This is why I created it - so everyone could easily get tools to work on the own, unique sound, style and to improve easier each day!

Get the "Ultimate Extreme Vocals Course" and make your screaming tear off the roofs of buildings!

Stay extreme, stay vocalized!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Singers
  • Beginner Vocalists
  • Beginner Screamers
  • Beginner Metal Vocalists
  • Beginner Extreme Vocalists

Course content

3 sections16 lectures1h 53m total length
  • Breath Control - how to use diaphragm and other muscles
  • Posture and the Breath Support - why they are so important?
  • The Voice Emission in Extreme Vocals


Extreme Vocal Coach
Sibila Extreme Vocal
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Hi, I am Matt and since 8 years I practice and improve extreme vocal techniques such as a growl, scream or singing with distortion. Beside extreme vocal techniques I also learn classical singing.

In my work, I emphasize a huge connection between our "clean voice", classical singing methods (like CVT, belcanto) and extreme vocal techniques. Our natural, "clean" voice is always a foundation, even for very heavy and distorted sounds like screaming or growling.

The more aware of that fact we are, the better vocalists we will become.

Beside learning and improving my own vocal skill, I also train with other people from the whole world and I run a you tube channel - Sibila Extreme Vocal.

You can also hear me in the band Vishurddha.

Welcome and enjoy Your learning!